I find you come across two types of commuters on public transport: the nice and the self absorbed privileged.

Let me explain. So type one ‘The Nice’. They are the kind of person who makes space for other commuters and generally has the wellbeing of others before their own. An example of this is a gentleman I saw this morning. His baby was distressed because of the tube and only quietens down when he stood up and bobbed about. Now generally most would have just drowned the sound out but he saw an old lady standing as well. Tackling 2 birds with one stone he stood the rest of his journey which was about 7 more stops, offering his seat to the lady and then proceeding to bob about humming a lullaby to the child. Sweetest sight I’ve seen.

Type two, ‘The Self Absorbed Privileged’ or Privi for short. They are the kind that use seats generally meant for people to sit on, to give home to their copious amount of bags and menial things like rubbish or papers. But when presented with a time when someone would like to use the seat to rest they huff and puff like someone has done them wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming to be a saint as I sometimes do this if the train is empty but I move it when I see large groups of people get on.

I just don’t understand why you would act like a baby about it. If it’s a standard train whereby seats aren’t allocated, you don’t have the privilege of owning seats or reserving them, therefore shouldn’t have an issue with someone wanting to sit on it.

I digress, but this just frustrates me. I spend half my life standing on transport. Not because I can’t sit, just because I have working legs to stand for 5 stops. Plus the hassle of being caved in on a busy train is stressful at 7.30am.

I keep saying I’ll upload my year in review post but I haven’t actually started writing it yet. Good news though! I treated myself to premium! I had some spare cash hanging about and thought why not ^.^ so enjoy ad free reading guys.

Ciao for now x

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