Mellow Mondays! – NCT 127 ft SR15B – Switch

Today’s mellow Monday for me was a toss up between 3 songs for me, but I chose this one for this week.

Not much to say about the song but it is one of my newest favourites – it’s not exceptionally long but it’s just so cheery and starts my day off with a quip every time I get ready to this.

NCT 127 are a sub unit of the massive group called NCT aka Neo Culture Technology in South Korea. Signed under SM Entertainment, NCT 127 are the sibling group to NCT Dream and NCT U – with each group bringing a different vibe and sub-genre to kpop. They have beat and dance forward songs that are catchy from the offset. They are one of my favourite debuts from last year ^.^

Other songs to check out:

  • NCT U – The 7th Sense
  • NCT 127 – Firetruck
  • NCT Dream – Chewing Gum

Pretty awesome things happening right now and we’ve only started the year. Year in review coming soon, just haven’t got any time at the moment to upload because work.

See you on the flip side ❤

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