Aging is a strange process.

Everyone always thinks when you have a birthday you become wiser and more understanding of the world – not the case for some but that’s beside the point.

I turned 20 the other day, and I feel the same stress I felt the weeks and months before. It’s not that I’m cynical about the whole thing but you know such is life. I mean you should be learning and processing life and it’s meaning to you everyday, not just collating these thoughts on one day a year. Let’s be real. I’m going to stop now, being at working and mulling over life isn’t the priority now.

My birthday was just like every other day to be perfectly honest – I bought some classic books, some manga and ate some food, all whilst showing my younger cousin the prime spots for tourism in London, he doesn’t get out much. Came home to play some games of monopoly and watch some films, sounds boring I know but what can you do. Drinking is trivial – as of new years, my body can’t handle it nor do I appreciate the damage to my bank statements XD, drugs aren’t in my
repertoire, and clubbing isn’t my interest.

The gifts I received were so adorable and very me, if that’s even a thing. My family and friends did well.

I haven’t really blogged much recently and I don’t have an excuse. The motivation to blog has abandoned me and left me sitting in the mud of my brainspace. I mean I could make a collection of 4 word pointless and aimless blogs about things but it wouldn’t interest you to read.

I hope everyone is having a good day (evening?), and hopefully I find my inspiration to blog sometime soon.

All the love, Eliza *throws namgrease hearts* Don’t ask, I’ve been feeling Infinite a lot lately.


Update: I realised that being away from writing for so long has left me unable to process grammar and spelling correctly. I think it’s all fixed but meh. *disappears into cloud of smoke*

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