Writing/Editing a CV

Anyone whoever said CV writing and editing is fun and enjoyable is a liar. I’ve been doing this for 4 hours so far and all I’ve done is judge my past self on the sham of a CV I have created. It’s literally waffle central.

The only positive to this experience is that I’ve managed to binge watch 9 episodes of Amnesia. It’s a truly amazing anime and I’m surprised I didn’t find it sooner. Orion is the cutest fairy in existence. I want one please. And universe 2’s cafe manager was seriously some sassy, beautiful man who I need in my life.

I’m procrastinating again aren’t I. When will this want to claw my eyes out end? My CV looks like I sat my 4 year old cousin down and told him to write a bunch of shit about me. I may be over exaggerating ever so slightly but you know, why not!

I need to get back to this so I’ll post soon. Peace *floats back to the anime reluctant to write*

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