The Winter Digest

Considering one of my goals for this year was to blog more, this is quite shameful that this is my second post of the year and we are almost at the end of February. But non the less we shall crack on with this.

Not much has really happened in the past two months but we will discuss the high points. So I finally started my degree on the 1st of February and needless to say it’s going pretty well so far. I’m enjoying the course material and getting along with my assignments fine. (After I post this, I’m going to get dressed and plow through unit 2 in prep to do my first TMA tomorrow and Wednesday.) I think this is a first in my entire educational career that I’ve actually been excited to do work. I mean we can’t really compare my excitement for Film Studies with my excitement for Maths but yeah, I am making no sense again so moving onward.

I started going to the gym with my cousin last month and I’m pumped for some of the classes we have planned to attend. I also met a lovely woman who does personal training at our gym and she’s also a nutritionist, so getting some helpful tips for her was a blessing.

Last night I worked History’s London stop of their tour and it was exciting. I’ve always loved Kpop and their concerts, I have spent collectively on their shows over £400 but I have no regrets. Stage set up was cute and I loved the fact they had a meet and greet after with the lucky ones who could afford VIP. My colleagues are so cute for covering me to watch the show from the back of the room. It was also so amazing to meet some online friends who I haven’t spoken to in years because I left the group we used to chat in. I will always be remembered as the girl whose last name is part of a plant who had Kai as her display picture for a while I guess.

I picked up a lot of manga from our local bookshop the other day and the game Life is Strange. So once i get this assignment out of the way I will get down to completing the remaining 4 episodes of LiS and read my new purchases.

That’s pretty much it for fun things I have done this year so far, but I have planned with some friends to go see Deadpool this Friday so this should be fine.

11 responses to “The Winter Digest”

  1. I like kpop as well! Glad to see you still posting and thanks for sharing the youtube clip!

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    1. Haha yes finally someone who likes kpop too. That song literally hooked me as soon as it was released ♡

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      1. 🙂 Well I am Korean so it is my duty to support kpop lol.

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      2. Is it bad of me to say I didn’t know that XD I am so oblivious

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      3. LoL, well my name isn’t very Korean so no worries! lmao… 😉

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      4. What is your name if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve been so separated from my blog recently and all the ones I follow it’s becoming a joke tbh XD

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      5. 🙂 My real name? Is Jason.

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      6. Ooo that is a nice name ^.^ my real name is so basic XD

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      7. Why thank you! I hope you have a great rest of your week also! 🙂

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      8. Thanks and you too ^.^

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