Later than expected but here non the less

I was going to post a few days ago but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So yeah these past few weeks, like the past 3 maybe even a month, have been strange. I mean I’m not one to get sentimental but I’m finding it hard not to be with all this shit happening. (I’ve become way to laxed on my blogging. I have procrastinated this post for so long, that at 3.30am on the 26th July 2014, I have decided I need to upload this and stop being a dick) We may as well catch up on the proceedings of the past months *clears throat, cracks thumbs and ankles* It’s go time:

  • So first things first, my 18th was on the 5th of April … I have reached maturity *round of applause and cheering* (lol joke no XD my ass, mature, please). That night was the epitome of stressful. I had one drink, a bouncy castle, 63 guests (at least 7 of which I didn’t know or invite), 6 people puking, a once brown now black floor, an inflatable penis named Pedro, a cactus, hundreds of bottles and cans everywhere, a headache and constant arguments. Note to self, never throw a party again … even though it was really awesome seeing (legitly) everyone in my humble abode.
  • Ummm, on Monday 7th April, I cried for 2 hours and bit at Autumn’s house, all because she wouldn’t let me climb out the window. I know it sounds like a reasonable response but I really, really wanted to climb out of it, plus it wasn’t to far off the ground. But then again, legit 20 mins after I stopped crying I did dewedgie myself so hard I almost fell out of said window.We then went into college on our time off to do some art and then went to Wetherspoons for cocktails and chocolate cake … so damn tasty ❤ (side note – I do think I was crying for an actual reason and not just the inability of window jumping, but that reason evades me at this given time as it did take place over 2 months ago XD – stress)
  • Subira and myself went to a rugby party on the Sunday/Monday before college restarted. I got, as they say of Geordie Shore, completely mortal. You know the kind of place whereby you don’t pass out or puke, but you do ‘things’ you shouldn’t necessarily and don’t normally do. This list includes dancing (merely because I don’t usually dance, and even when I do it is completely kosher). I also partook in activities we shan’t divulge that information on the inter-web simply because I just can’t be bothered to type them. I mean it was a lot of fun, I’m not gonna lie.
  • Over the past 3 weeks, my friends and I have been hosting ‘dinner parties’. I say dinner parties, its merely a quick meal and then lots and lots of drinking (I’m not proud to admit but on the first night I got so drunk by drinking through straw glasses – got through a whole bottle of red on my own. And then on the second night I brought this mysterious Jewish alcohol, the label completely in Hebrew left us ambiguous but after translating it we figured out it was meant to be brandy. But it tasted more like vodka and burned like tequila or sambuca, well basically paint stripper. After polishing of a quarter of the bottle with Lela, I ventured out to meet an online friend of mine. It’s not the smartest idea when you can’t walk straight and it is 2am. But I am still alive so yeah he wasn’t a deranged psycho killer.)
  • Operation Tropic Thunder is complete (it is such a vague but fucking immense milestone in my life, BUT just like the rugby party, all details shall be withheld, mwuhaha)
  • I broke my streak. Now this to me is a very serious and sad thing, because I had kept that streak for my entire life, albeit between the ages of 0 to about 11 (maybe even to 13 because my childhood never depended on rebelling to be fun) excessive drinking wasn’t in my forte. But on the 18th of this month (being July), I vomited whilst intoxicated. Was not fun. Do not want to do it again. I have learnt my lesson. I don’t even like wine, well wine in excessive quantities – I mean a whole bottle of red and half of rose is quite an achievement but seriously, the taste isn’t one I like to acquaint myself with often.
  • Attached to the above is also the note that I realised that i shouldn’t attempt to make homemade pizza whilst drunk too. i mean the dough and the taste was fine, but the idea of fully decorating the pizza with an array of toppings before we had even transferred the dough to an appropriate tray, left it looking a tad rough (actually a lot rough).
  • My book collection is ever growing, which is always a great thing XD
  • I have actually started my summer homework for college. The fuck is wrong with me (no one dare point out that I am blogging in the stupid hours of the morning which should usually be cherished by the view of the back of your eyelids, dreaming shit that will probably never happen – like I’ll never be some hot spice, with long luscious hair, who is multilingual (in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Spanish, French, Russian and German), who just so happens to be married to said performer Mark Tuan *cough* Got7 feels are so apparent right now but we shan’t tangent too much *cough*
  • Finally changed my room around, like literally I got a smaller wardrobe, new chest of drawers, moved the bed, and have some snazzy new storage. (oh yeah living the high life … now all I need to do is paint the wall)
  • And the last thing which I think is very important to have happened in the last few months is that I’m actually saving up money (that and I have decided that I will go to university but I’ll take a gap year, maybe become an Au pair in china for 6 month or travel the world, who knows). The only reason I find this important is that if you have been following this blog since the beginning or maybe even middle bits (honestly I don’t know who would but if you have I high 5 you and applaud you a lot *does aforementioned*) you will know that I do struggle, a lot, with saving money. Simply because I think of the short term rather than the long term. A life example of this, and a very recent one, when I am at home hungry but too lazy to cook, instead of motivating myself to get up and grab a snack, I’ll order Chinese because its Chinese and I was probably craving. Even though after I have eaten I will realise that the £10 I just spent on those delicious noodles and rice with an array of tasty meats, will no longer be the only money in my tattoo fund, and now that’s back on my bank statements as a solemn ‘Nil’
But any-who, it’s finally finished. Needless to say I am proud i have finally finished this post that probably no one cares about or will even view but still proud.
Just to end on quite an annoyed note, I will never understand why someone would blatantly ignore me, and then complain to a mutual friend that I am not talking to her. I’m ever so sorry if someone (especially your parents during those precious years sociologists define as the years or stage you gain ‘primary socialisation’ – I merely place that in because that is what she studies at college – trivial, trivial points) didn’t tell you that conversation, is a two-way thing (or more than two if we’re going to be shallow and pedantic). I’m not going to sit around and message you all the time if I don’t have anything of great interest to say, neither am I going to chase you up to reply to me (when I even went to the special lengths of a well thought of birthday text message  to which you ignored …). I am simply going to move on in life and not give two flying shits about your measly life. Also I am severely offended that you invite your ‘ex’ boyfriend to your birthday party (the same one who dumped you twice) and not me, and when questioned about my absence you claim I said ‘I was too busy to come’. Fabulous. Absolutely, fabulous.
Well I should seriously sleep now, because by the time I have added tags and all that shizz it will be 4.15am GMT *cries*
Blog soon (hopefully …)

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