Waiting …

It’s just past midnight and I am blogging because I am waiting.

For what you ask oh curious one. well I shall tell you.

I am waiting for this PS3 to realise I like sleep, and hurry and transfer my data to my brother’s PS3 so I can box my one up and sell it tomorrow. *sigh*. It’s such a first world problem but I’m struggling. In order for me to go to the gym I need to sell my PS3 and some of my games (no not the Assassin’s Creed ones … pfft do you think I’m crazy) I’m not selling it because it distracts me, oh no, I’m selling it because I cut a deal with my dad, in order for me to go to the same gym as my friend who is going to help me with my exercise regime, I need £52 (rounded up) per month. With this sale I get 3 months worth of gym-ness secured (as the first month is free I just needed £104 so sweet) and hopefully by November I have a job so I can give my dad money towards the membership. But it’s fine, maybe one day in the future, with me and my job, I can buy a PlayStation 4 and some games and be happy with Assassin’s Creed Unity *another sigh*

Might as well get back to this … console and its longness :(. Night Lil’Lilys

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