Somewhat Achievable Things

Has anyone ever had that nostalgic feeling when cleaning your room, so the motivation for cleanliness is lost and suddenly you have piles of books and notepads spread around you? A blanket of paper filled with things you jotted down or aimless doodles from lessons you can’t even remember clearly?

Well the other day I finally got round to sitting at my desk – I know you probably wondering what the hell I’m on about, but in short I decided to buy this desk, that I havent used since building it. But I pulled down the flap and was greeted with all my old notebooks just crammed in there. I’m sure I had a reason for throwing them in there when i built the desk, however I can’t remember why.

I started skimming through them all, chuckling at how naive my writing used to be. How that during lessons, I would write things about bats being angel rats, and how homeless people kept dogs for company because they couldn’t steal their cheese. But enough on my stupidity, I found my large notebook I used when I worked in a school as an IT Tech Apprentice. And on the first page was a short list of things I wanted to achieve throughout 2015. They were:

  • Write a screenplay
  • Make my film portfolio
  • Make a short film
  • Plan and storyboard at least 12 short films
  • Read 50 books (minimum)
  • Write 20 poems
  • Complete Apprenticeship – failed epically
  • Save for travelling
  • Pay mum back
  • Complete one note a day thing failed horrendously 6 days into the year
  • Watch 50 foreign films
  • Blog at least once a week
  • Get a boyfriendchecked just one year late – lol

I can confirm with you all, I completed a total of none of them haha – I also included noted around the list, which emphasises my lameness. I even ridiculed myself for the inability to complete menial tasks.

It has been 2 and a half years since writing this list so I feel we can revamp it and ‘upgrade it’ – getting a boyfriend will not be on there because what’s the point haha! So, to everyone who’s interested, or even not, here are my somewhat achievable things to complete by the end of 2018:

  • Finish first 2 modules of my degree
  • Go on a holiday
  • Renew my passport – I have filled out 10 forms to do this, some dating back to 2015. I’m just lazy really haha, and too poor to travel.
  • Save up – I’m actually the worst at saving money. If I can see it, or know how to get to it I will find a way to spend it somehow.
  • Move out my house
  • Blog at least 2 times a week – With all the new features added to the blog, I feel like this is somewhat achievable. However, as you have all seen from the missed Mellow Mondays and Photography Fridays (which in its entirety, disappeared) I have blog commitment issues.
  • Learn to drive – Technically. I know how to drive. I just can’t in the eyes of the law till I pass my tests, so this holds place on the list till I do so.
  • Read 50 books
  • Draw and paint more – I mentioned in a previous post that I felt like I should work on my creative skills over my cognitive skills in an attempt to start de-stressing myself and somewhat find a neat pastime, however this hasn’t really been the case since posting that however many months ago. I’ve started carrying my notebook and a pencil-case with pens and markers so I can doodle wherever and have no real excuse not to practice.
  • Complete my language learning course – I paid for a full language course package 2 years ago and I think I’ve completed one part of it. I say one part, I think it was more like the two short introductory chapters which outline the course. Welp.
  • Learn 10 new recipes and master them
  • Smile more
  • Find ways to de-stress better – I’ve been meditating more and removing myself from stress inducing situations a lot recently, so hopefully I can find other methods to help with this.
  • Get a tattoo – I’ve been saying this for years, but I feel like I’m mentally ready and prepared to get one now.
  • Lose weight – I’ve already lost 5kg doing absolutely nothing except walking more during my days. So using logic, if I work out properly more, I can do a lot more good for my body. If that Englished well.
  • Stop smoking – I have cut down a lot but I made a promise to a few people and feel somewhat obliged to follow through with it.

I feel like this list is long enough as it should be. Anymore and my commitment to completing these goals will start to waiver – I’m already feeling a bit weary about completing it.

I’m going to make this list a page on the blog, its own little entity. So check it frequently to see the progress or to see if I add any more.

I’ll hopefully blog soon, I’m supposed to be heading to an event today but my body does not want to comply with me at all.



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