well this isnt really an explanation for my abscence but its an explanation for some things

I did mention last time that i started a mentor program, its going okay … if you do read my blog often you would have seen some changes … the background, the title, the url, etc etc … nut hehe yeah these are all steps to my goal … im trying to get my blog popular … well more popular than it is … hehe

thats all i shall say on the matter at the moment because i dont wanna ruin it by promising all these things and not getting to it haha but in other news-eth

hmmm … what else is there … i dont wanna complain about trivial things that are nigling at me … but i dont wanna bore you with loads of fun things because that … is wayyyy to cliche XD

i guess ill sign off here but i will update soon, results day coming up, plus the rugby match … the guys are going down mwuhahahaha

I got my mouth working !! completely stroke free … you can barely see where it happened XD

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