Going to take a break from blogging for the rest of this week because im disappointed.

Im disappointed because you find out the guy your bestfriend has been dating fucking screws her over leaving your friend broken and dead inside. i mean how low can you get to give the shittest excuses, she wont even see me because she feels so shit … you are so lucky im decent or our face will be smashed through a glass door you inconsiderate bast- …

i wont finish that sentence, but i even more disappointed with my other friends, who find anything about eachother to argue about, it really takes its toll on you when all you can hear is them arguing. im sorry but they arue and you give me grief about them needing to talk to eachother, you give me ear ache …

when ‘friends’ try to blackmail you by bringing up all the things they have ever bought you … that disappoints me the most … if you base your friendship on material things then you are the lowest of low … i despise you trying to get me to give you things ‘beacuse i bought you this’ … 9/10 times i dont ask you, and also you shouldnt expect … ¬¬

im literally not gonna post again for a week but ill still be looming around editing the blog for my project

i had to hold my anger back and refraine from cursing people

Bi for now *walks off*

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