New segment

So I'm the midst of procrastinating revision, I have decided on a new segment for this blog. It's called Quite of The Day!

I know it's not creative as hell but such is life. I find some really interesting quotes about identity in the most random of places throughout the day and I jot them on my memo pad. But since posting about my Saturday blues, I decided that they were worthy enough of sharing with you all.

These will be posted every Wednesday starting this Wednesday coming. I know I've tried committing to ideas before and look where it gets us – I feel like a serial liar to you all every time I post and give myself a schedule. My brain has this subconscious trait, that when I commit to doing something, I automatically find reasons not to stick with it.

We shall see how this goes haha!

I guess if I don't post before Wednesday that I'll see you then. I'll also let you know how my test goes tomorrow!



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