I was in the midst of writing up one of my film essays when I was pleasantly distracted. Distracted by some amazing news. I just recently got a job at O2 Academy Islington working bar and cloakroom. I know to some this isn’t an achievement but this is my first paid job. My first two shifts, which were Friday and Saturday, were club shifts, meaning I finished up around 4.30am (surprisingly not to bad when everyone else around you is getting drunk and having a great time and you are just aiding the fun). But non the less I am enjoying it so far ^.^.

Also, in other news, I had my first driving lesson today, and oh my gosh it was fun. I only stalled once and almost another time but I saved it, and I got onto lesson 3 material haha. Hopefully I can keeping ploughing through the material at this pace so I can get on and do my test ^.^

And last but not least, I finally got a desk. After 4 years of working downstairs and then getting a bollocking for leaving school work in the only available place, I finally have a desk. Nice Ikea desk, with a draw, side storage and enough desk space to have my laptop, extra keyboard and mouse, laptop case and my mancala board, I realised this desk is perfect yet late.

Enough for tonight, I am completely shattered so I shall sleep. I will however upload that essay tomorrow or the day after (seeing as tomorrow I am accompanying a friend to a Lower Than Atlantis fan sign) XD

Night ^.^

Assess the view that self interest can only be realised in the context of a virtuous life.

Philosophers who argue that morality is constitutive to self interest are taking a stronger position than most contractarians because they are claiming morality is not simply sufficient for self interest, but it is jointly necessary and sufficient. In other words, the conditions under which I act in my own interest are exactly the same as the conditions under which I am moral.

Plato argues that the telos of a person is to reach a state of eudiamonia; flourishing or fulfilment. He suggests living a virtuous life is the necessary condition for reaching eudiamonia and this means that being a virtuous person is not just instrumental of your self interest but it is constitutive of it. Plato’s virtues include; wisdom of your intellect; courage of spirit or ‘thumos’; and discipline of appetite. Continue reading “Assess the view that self interest can only be realised in the context of a virtuous life.”