10th July

10th July

No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away

Terry Pratchett

The 10th of July will always be such a turbulent day for me.

I celebrate the life of one of my closest friends I have the privilege of knowing. She always knows how I’m feeling and what to say to me when I’m feeling emotionally exhausted.

I also celebrate the life of someone who never really had the chance to show the world what he was made of. Its been 4 years and its still pretty raw to think about. The conversations we had and the help you gave me. I thank you everyday Lulu

Mellow Monday! Eaj – Pacman

I know I’ve been relatively MIA over the past few months – I’ve been going through a creative block but Jae from Day6 released a new solo song under Eaj and its just an incredible song.

Lyrically wise, its an extremely emotional song – To me it sounds like someone who is struggling with understanding if the person they love even loves them back. The alternating shots of him singing and almost shouting, is like a conversation between partners. The simplistic cinematography really heightens the emotions conveyed in the lyrics.

I honestly wish it was longer. I don’t think I can say much more because it really speaks for itself.

Please check it out! You won’t regret it 🙂

The Flat Share…

‘You went from unconscious to judgemental very quickly there.’

The Flat Share – Beth O’Leary

Honestly, I could say this every time I read a new book – this book was fucking incredible!

I started it today at 4.15pm and at 11.25pm, I have finished it. Obviously including breaks for cooking, eating and a social distanced chat with the neighbours for an hour after clapping for our carers.

I will bite my tongue on spoilers, but this book made me smile, cry a little (I admit begrudgingly) and feel an overwhelming wash of feelings at all parts.

I loved how the characters felt relatable – I read a lot of books and fan fictions, to know the archetypal character is someone I do not look like. I wont tangent on being shown a picture of a beautiful, slender lady and being told this is YOU. I have friends like Mo, Gerty and Rachel. I’ve met people like Justin. And I fucking wish for a Leon and Richie.

This book showed me how beautifully love can be and the finite art of post-it communication.

I know a lot of people could be put off by the flipping back and forth between the two protagonists, but it really helped build their characters and allows you to asses the plot from both perspectives.

Would definitely recommend for everyone to read, it’s such a humble book that is definitely on the reread list already!

‘Some people are beyond aromatherapeutic help’

The Flat Share – Beth O’Leary

Habit Tracking!

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

The soul, like the body, accepts by practice whatever habit one wishes it to contact.

– Socrates

I have never been really good at keeping up with habit tracking – I’m good for at least a week or two, then I just forget. But, I’ve decided that whilst we are in lockdown, I will attempt to start some form of habit routine to give myself an ounce of stability in this strange time.

I’ve got 3 routine sets throughout the week, aptly labelled Morning, Afternoon and Night, with a slight variation to the Afternoon Routine on the weekends

Morning Routine

  • Make my bed
  • Brush teeth
  • Drink water
  • Stretch
  • 7 Minute Exercise
  • Shower

Afternoon Routine

Monday – Friday

  • Drink water
  • Block distractions
  • No sugar challenge!
  • Drink tea
  • Inbox zero
  • Create a timeline


  • Drink water
  • Create a timeline
  • Block distractions
  • Inbox Zero
  • Deep work (90 mins)
  • Drink tea

Evening Routine

  • Drink tea
  • Meditate
  • Shower
  • Brush teeth
  • Floss
  • No electricals!
  • Read

I know you’re probably thinking, for someone who can’t stick with tracking habits, you sure have a lot squeezed in for each day. In order to track my habits and to get gentle reminders to complete them I use the app Fabulous. (This isn’t sponsored by the way, I’m not important enough to have sponsors) Fabulous is in essence a habit tracking app where you can organise your habits into scheduled routines. You can also access a wealth of preset routines for specific things like mental health, exercise and concentration. When its time to complete your habits, Fabulous gives you a gentle nudge to crack on with it! (Also, the Fabulous community on FaceBook are really sweet and constantly give other users motivation to continue)

I have 2 afternoon routines; the weekday one covers the time I generally have my lunch break during working hours, and the weekend one covers the time I dedicate to studying from home.

I think the reason why I struggle so much with this, is because I get distracted super easily – it’s on the same wavelength as the attention span of a goldfish. But if i can maintain this for 30 days, I will write an update post to let you know my progress.

This post is a bit choppy but I’m multitasking playing tomb raider and talking with my cousins on the phone! Let me know in the comments if there are any habits you are currently tracking, or if you also use fabulous 🙂

The Half of It …

‘In love, one always starts by deceiving oneself, and ends by deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.’ – Oscar Wilde

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a film and been completely taken by it. The Half of It is that film that you start and hate every interruption from family, because it pulls you in, and you don’t want to ruin it.

The plot was endearing and relatable; it didn’t end with the archetypal rom-com ending, and it was engaging from start to end. It explored the narrative of a LGBTQ+ BAME individual without overly romanticising it or treating it with a pinch of salt.

The philosophical train of thought that ran throughout, with the discussion on religion was done with class – it didn’t dismiss one with the other, more explored and entwined it with the plot.

Casting = Exceptional. Feelings = Rollercoaster. My Mind = Overflowing with thoughts.

My applause to Alice Wu with this one.

‘Love isn’t patient, and kind, and humble. Love is messy, and horrible, and selfish, and bold. It’s not finding your perfect half. It’s the trying, and reaching, and failing.’ – Ellie Chu (The Half of It)

New Job, New Bedding, New Notebooks

So, I’m going to pre-apologise for going completely awol during my Mellow Monday posts. I know I had 2 left to go but a lot happened and I kind of got super distracted.

As the title suggests, I did get a new job, and for the last few months it’s been a mixture of preparing to leave my last job, having a few days off and then starting my new job – I’ve been employed now for 2 monthss, mini celebration. I know its really early doors, but I’m really enjoying this new challenge and chapter in my life.

So couple of updates for you all:

– I’ve bought more furniture and bedding for my room because I’m a complete mess and love to spend money to cheer myself up and to compensate for my lack of friends in the social realm

– I’ve really been focusing on organising my finances and getting to grips with my budget. I really need to work out how I intend to support my current lifestyle; hint: I gotta stop buying random things and really focus on saving. I will expand more on this in a future post once I’ve worked out the logistics

– I quit smoking (except for a few occasions but I’m still working out my coping mechanisms for dealing with life issues – I’m not a very vocal problem person in general. But let’s not delve too much into that because it will take a hell of a long time to explain)

– After taking a very long hard look at myself in my local mirror, i.e. the bathroom mirror, I decided that I really just needed to cut the crap and focus on getting healthy. I’m really focusing on just looking healthy, not trying to find my soulmate kind of attractive haha. So I’ve been trying to eat less chocolate, drink less alcohol and cut fizzy drinks out

I’m planning to properly return to blogging on a more frequent schedule in the new year – I’ve got a few life things to sort out and a whole list of goals to organise before getting my head down. There have been discussions again into potentially incorporating video and audio elements to us as technically a brand, but nothing is set in stone.

I’m currently on a work trip to Belgium and thought whilst I wait for my colleagues to congregate for dinner, I’ll utilise the ample time I’ve been left with to think and blog haha.

My next post, not that many people will notice, will be in the new year where I’ll do a year analysis and set some plausible goals for 2020. I can give you a sneak peek that I failed somewhat this year with my finance goal, but it will be a front runner in 2020’s intentions.

Mellow Monday! Part 10, Dumbfoundead – Water

I have posted about Dumbfoundead quite a while ago for a Mellow Monday and I had to squeeze him in. I know some people might argue he isn’t technically in the ‘Korean Hip Hop’ category but oh well.

The whole Foreigner album for me was great, I loved how this album was an exploration towards his Korean heritage. As someone who would be considered an outlier, I thought this album was a great bridge to potential Korean fans.

This song has quite a hypnotic element through the hook and G.Soul’s vocals really add to this song and give it a new dynamic!

I would also suggest checking out his youtube channel and podcast series ‘Fun With Dumb’ aptly named after his ’09 album. Its such a fun and entertaining podcast series with some amazing guests on there, from Jay Park, Wax, Ph-1 to GroovyRoom.

Because I wrote so much about Old Boy Jon, I won’t this time haha. But I really hope you enjoy and check out his other music – he has an insane way of expressing himself and I think you will find something you really love!

Mellow Monday! Part 9, Haon & Vinxen – Barcode

My journey to discovering this song was a little backwards. I found this song whilst watching the Korean talent show Dancing High. Team Hoya’s Jisung and YoonJun danced to this as part of their ace performance and I really loved it. I added it to my playlist and went on about my day.

Recently I decided to watch another Korean talent show – sue me, they have really great talent shows over there and their a lot less bland than the drivel we have in the UK. This time I watched School Rapper 2. I really love the concept of this show as it really shows the talent the younger generation harbour, plus I love the mentor choices in this season.

Cue my sudden realisation that the above song was from this season.

I really loved watching their friendship blossom. I love how Haon, completely oblivious to the atmosphere in the room in there first episode, wanted to befriend him. And the fact that Vinxen wanted to produce a song with him after hearing his cypher.

When Vinxen raps about mental health, depression and anxiety without embellishing it, is something to be in awe of because it’s that raw nature that just pulls you to him. Couple that with Haon’s infectious positivity and high energy is just so refreshing.

As you can probably tell I just really love them. And this song. Everything about it to be extremely honest.

I will also link below the amazing dance performance from dancing high where I originally heard this song. Talking about the performance brings me to an entirely new realm of ‘fangirling’ – by far one of the best performances on the show for me.

I added the version without the almost constant instant replays of things you just saw haha

Definitely check out both videos and really appreciate the pure genius in both.

I will be posting the last few songs tomorrow because I went out yesterday, and by the time I got home I was beyond tired and knew half of what I would write, would make absolutely no sense haha.

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the song!

Mellow Monday! Part 8, Ph-1 – Cupid ft PENOMECO

Number 8 in this Mellow Monday! onslaught is this wonderful feel good song by Ph-1.

This is really my morning song, without fail it always makes me smile when I’m getting ready.

The song is very easy on the ears and the beat isn’t too busy to distract you from the lyrics. The pre-chorus really breaks up the flow a bit and the bridge is just great – the fact there is a lyric that literally say ‘little baby with an arrow help a brother. If you got bad aim, just don’t botherreally just makes me chuckle. Plus its relatable XD

The music video, even though just a lyric video, is super creative and I always find myself distracted watching it when it comes on!

I really hope you enjoy this song and hopefully aren’t too bored with these posts right now. It’s been really difficult picking songs for these as a lot of then are just really good!

See you tomorrow!

Mellow Monday! Part 7, Punchnello – Blue Hawaii ft Crush & PENOMECO

This for me, is one of those forever chilling songs – If that makes any sense at all.

The mixture of Punchnello’s fast and sharp rapping, a splash of PENOMECO in the bridge coupled with Crush’s smooth vocals on the chorus really makes for some easy and generally great listening.

I’m really happy Jay signed Punchnello to AOMG at the start of the year, I really think he will be able to really tap further into his creativity.

I hope you enjoy this song and do check the rest of his discography and other songs found on his ‘Ordinary’ EP!