New Job, New Bedding, New Notebooks

So, I’m going to pre-apologise for going completely awol during my Mellow Monday posts. I know I had 2 left to go but a lot happened and I kind of got super distracted.

As the title suggests, I did get a new job, and for the last few months it’s been a mixture of preparing to leave my last job, having a few days off and then starting my new job – I’ve been employed now for 2 monthss, mini celebration. I know its really early doors, but I’m really enjoying this new challenge and chapter in my life.

So couple of updates for you all:

– I’ve bought more furniture and bedding for my room because I’m a complete mess and love to spend money to cheer myself up and to compensate for my lack of friends in the social realm

– I’ve really been focusing on organising my finances and getting to grips with my budget. I really need to work out how I intend to support my current lifestyle; hint: I gotta stop buying random things and really focus on saving. I will expand more on this in a future post once I’ve worked out the logistics

– I quit smoking (except for a few occasions but I’m still working out my coping mechanisms for dealing with life issues – I’m not a very vocal problem person in general. But let’s not delve too much into that because it will take a hell of a long time to explain)

– After taking a very long hard look at myself in my local mirror, i.e. the bathroom mirror, I decided that I really just needed to cut the crap and focus on getting healthy. I’m really focusing on just looking healthy, not trying to find my soulmate kind of attractive haha. So I’ve been trying to eat less chocolate, drink less alcohol and cut fizzy drinks out

I’m planning to properly return to blogging on a more frequent schedule in the new year – I’ve got a few life things to sort out and a whole list of goals to organise before getting my head down. There have been discussions again into potentially incorporating video and audio elements to us as technically a brand, but nothing is set in stone.

I’m currently on a work trip to Belgium and thought whilst I wait for my colleagues to congregate for dinner, I’ll utilise the ample time I’ve been left with to think and blog haha.

My next post, not that many people will notice, will be in the new year where I’ll do a year analysis and set some plausible goals for 2020. I can give you a sneak peek that I failed somewhat this year with my finance goal, but it will be a front runner in 2020’s intentions.

Life Update

So, this is a long overdue post haha. I’m really sorry for the unannounced hiatus; I was meaning to do some things but the time flew past me too quickly for my liking.

So my last post had a small mention of my upcoming holiday – first in 11 years. And I have to admit Barcelona is such an amazing place to visit. So much art and history. Just a generally beautiful city. I thank thee for that amazing coffee and tortilla sandwich which was life changing. Fun fact, my last holiday abroad was to Spain with my school. It’s not really fun but you know.

I’m in the process of finishing my second written assignment for my degree. I’ve left it so close to the wire, I’m somewhat disappointed in myself for it but what can you do. It’s due Tuesday haha. All that’s left to do is rewrite it neater and boom all done.

Tomorrow after I submit my assignment I will upload a Mellow Monday. It’s been a long time coming so stay tuned.


This will be a short post. Only because I’m so tired right now – I never normally wear my glasses first thing when I wake up but my eyes wouldn’t adjust. I have got the worst eye bags and my body is aching to an extreme.

Le sigh. I’m in my tenth book. Pretty impressed with myself right now.

I’m enroute back to Luton for one more day of work.

The most important thing I have to mention is that on Monday I will finally be going on holiday guys. I’m really excited and expect loads of pictures.

Really sorry for not posting but I’ve been juggling work and my degree – got my first module assignment back and I passed with 100%.

When I get home tomorrow I’m going to batch plan and schedule some posts because this space has been pretty sparse.

Catch you then,



This is just a small update to say I probably won’t be posting very long posts this week – As I write this, I’m sat on a king-size bed in a hotel, an hour and a half from my bed at home. I’m involved in a work based event and offered my services. This, in turn, has meant that the majority of my time is spent working, and the minority is spent missing my creature comforts in my room. Leaving no space for inspiration and motivation to blog.

This whole thing has its pros and cons:

  • Pro – the breakfast offered is great, the choice of continental and full English breakfast
  • Pro – free wi-fi.
  • Con – my room has a shower when I too wanted a bath.
  • Con – although big beds are nice and spacious, it’s too empty and too cold when I move around.
  • Pro – I have a bedside table with snacks and nibbles on the go.
  • Con – the 8 kg I lost won’t stay lost with all these damn snacks

However, I will be doing 5 minute coffee morning posts, just to fill the space. Short. Sweet. Simple.

I know I’m late on upload for this weeks Mellow Monday, but I will post it within the next 10 minutes or so – BTS just released a new album and boy let me tell you, it ain’t no joke. But enough spoilers.

See you in roughly 10 minutes

Eli ^.^

Mellow Monday! (But on a Thursday) 1979 – Smashing Pumpkins

My posting on here has been erratic to say the least. I’m looking to blog over the weekend and prepare plenty of posts for scheduling – an 8 hour hairdressers appointment will surely buy me enough time to get this sorted out, haha.

But in the time between now and then, enjoy my ‘late’ Mellow Monday of 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins. It’s a great song and I think I’ve had it on repeat so much over the past few days.

Post soon!


Friday Thoughts

Hi Guys!

So this is my last post for this week. I know it’s probably a shock to have gotten something everyday from me but I had some time off and felt like I should make some effort.

Today’s post is not going to be very long but it’s just a life update – More for myself than for you guys because I know if I type it up and post it I’ll remember it.

What I’m trying to do right now in life is give myself more of a positive outlook on life and take up more substantial and calming hobbies. I’m going to bullet point them down for you guys to see and I’m hoping you guys can find some ideas on things to do as well ^.^

  • Knitting – I used to knit a lot when I was younger and I’m far from embarrassed by it. it’s a very calming hobby to have and it always made me feel accomplished when I finished a line without missing any loops. My favourite memory of this was sitting with 4 of my friends from surrounding streets after a bike ride, all jointly trying to make different limbs for a teddy for a friend. It was so fun and we were all sharing tips with each other.
  • Thread work/string art – I found this really awesome DIY string art tutorial for words onto a cork board. I’m excited for this. I’ve started changing up my room and I want a focal point with something I’ve created. As soon as I find the board in the right sizing I’ll start-up stencilling my word and maybe let you in on a sneak peek.
  • Drawing – I’ve been meaning to get back into drawing for a long time. Going from doodling throughout my secondary school time to random bursts, I’ve really lost my drawing flow. my main plan with this is to carry one of my multiple small sketch books around with me and when I have time or just an idea, to doodle it down. I’m hoping this will help me refine previous sills I worked on but also inspire me to work on bigger and better things. Also I could probably get myself into a few evening life drawing classes just to change-up my ever dulling life.
  • Painting – I love, love, LOVE painting. I’ve recently found all of my old supplies amongst my mountain of belonging in my room and it’s given me goose pimples just thinking about relaxing to paint something. Cool exciting project to come very soon but I’m keeping it hush until its ready – I’m scared if I mention it now I’ll give up on myself so I’m going to wait till I’m mentally ready.
  • Walking with a hint of photography – Before starting my job now, I used to go on long forest walks with my cousin and I really want to get back into it. From a health perspective, it’s starting to get yourself moving – Health post soon to come because I found something really cute I had started years ago – but the routes we take are always so scenic and visually stunning. There are so many niche corners that we pass and it would be good to work on composition and just general photography skills – I am a main contributor to an art blog on here but I haven’t posted something on there in ages. I lost my motivation. Insert sadness.

Glancing back over my list I realise all of my things I want to re-start or continue doing are all art related haha – awkward insert of laughter. But it’s what calms me. As I mentioned at the start of the video, this will be my last post of the week. Only because I have work all weekend and a few ‘social’ things to do, but I will have a Mellow Monday up and hopefully schedule a few posts for the week.

Wish me luck guys. I’m having a carpet crisis! See you next week.


More Updates

Hi guys, it’s been long overdue with a post but today we will be announcing some big changes and upcoming things to this blog. Also I think it’s fitting to announce this all on my 2 year anniversary with using WordPress as my blogging platform *insanely weird clicky fingers*

Back to the topic at hand, first of all, we would like to apologise a thousand times over for not posting these past few months. It’s the accumulation between the two of us between finding jobs, interviews, going back to university and just having the general motivation once you’ve done everything else to want to post something meaningful.

So basically, after many talks between us, we have decided to completely revamp the site – the colouring, the layout, the visuals, literally everything will be updated. I think it’s time if I’m honest, when I originally started this blog it didn’t really have any direction. It was just a space I would type profuse amounts of bullshit – like everything when I was 13 was what I call a bullshit ice cream. It was sprinkled with treacherous story telling of uninteresting anecdotes, drizzled with pointless information, and the flake was an inexcusable amount of pictures of literally anything. 

Enough of that, but the revamp will also include a series of tester posts. We want to find our creative voice. I mean it’s all well and good doing what’s happening right now, which is dipping our toes in every idea pool and typing what we think works; but the numbers just aren’t adding up. So in order to find and harness what we do best we will be entering into some unknown territories of blogging.

This industry is very hard to stand out – thousands have conquered before and thousands more will continue to do so if you ever choose to call it a day. You have to build yourself up from literally nothing. You have to visually stand out and catch people’s eyes, but you also have to stand out with your words – It’s all well and good having some kushty layout and really awesome visuals, but if your writing is trash and inconsistent then people will just click on someone else’s blog.

We’re looking to find maybe one or two more people to help with contributions on the blog. This will hopefully help with the flow and the frequency of updates – I mean out of a team of 3 or 4 people, someone is bound to have something interesting to write. We’re also looking for someone to help with the visuals and the final editing of the posts. Whenever I find myself writing a post, I’m always pumped like ‘yes, this is fucking incredible.’ But after walking away for an hour and coming back to reread what I’ve got so far I’m disappointed with the standard. So I feel having someone to just check over everything will allow us to organise everything before posting and feeling underwhelmed with the outcome.

That’s all on updates from the blog front, and life updates can wait for another day, you know, just to build the tension – I’m chatting shit, you’re all probably looking at the screen, if you lasted this far, like she needs to just stop talking.

But I will end it here, simply because I promised myself I’d get some editing done. *disappears*

Knock Knock: Who’s There?

Knock Knock: Who’s There?

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?

Oh… it isn’t ElizaLilySmiles? No, it isn’t – because guess who has decided to co-authorise the living daylights out of this blog? ME!

Hello to whoever’s reading this! You’re looking particularly lovely today.
My name is AriannaEve and I run a miserable attempt of a blog that you can check out here. I’m so excited to be working on this blog with one of my beautiful best friends! It feels like I haven’t written a blog post in forever (probably because I haven’t written a blog post in forever) and I can’t wait to get back in to the swing of things.

So, in the heart of new introductions, I’ve decided to do something veeeery original for you guys; something that will (hopefully) make you warm to me a little, and get to know the beauty that is beyond this screen: a ‘facts about me’ tag. Originality at its finest.


Fact 1: To the left, to the left, everything you own i– Oh, my bad.
Got a little bit carried away. To the left, you’ll see my face.

Fact 2: I study Film and Creative Writing at University!

Fact 3: I was born on Christmas Eve (24th December, and I was 3 minutes away from being a Christmas baby!)

Fact 4: I have a lot of bad habits – including biting my nails. Yuck.

Fact 5: I love the thought of being clean and organised in everything I do, but putting it in to practice proves to be pretty much impossible.

Fact 6: I have been playing the piano since I was around 7 years old, and teaching myself to play other instruments is one of my favourite hobbies!

Fact 7: More of my hobbies consist of gaming, reading, watching films, listening to/creating music, drawing, and I’ve recently found my love for bullet journalling and graphic design.

Fact 8: My favourite films of all time are Spirited Away, Labyrinth, The Holiday, Halloween: H20, Harry Potter (all of them), and pretty much anything Disney.

Fact 9: I’m open to all types of music, but my favourite genres are rock and indie. (I’m planning on doing a massive music master-post sometime soon so keep your eyes peeled).

Fact 10: My favourite colours are black and yellow.

Fact 11: I once ate an entire chicken for dinner. A large one.

Fact 12: I once peed in a display toilet in a well-known DIY store.

Fact 13: My favourite books are The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and Every Day by David Leviathan.

Fact 14: I’m a proud member of the Hufflepuff house.

Fact 15: I say “no” to pretty much any physical activity and sport, but I love to play pool.

Fact 16: My biggest fears are spiders, wasps, vomit and umbrellas.

Fact 17: When I was younger, I was a very fussy eater. Whenever the family were to order pizza, I would demand that my Mum ordered me a “pizza with no bits”. Not a ‘margharita’ or a ‘cheese and tomato’.  A “pizza with no bits”. Or I wouldn’t eat it.

Fact 18: My dream car is a Suzuki Swift. Ah…, bae.

Fact 19: My favourite animals are foxes, wolves and fawns. (And dogs – I have two of those!)

Fact 20: really hate bolognese, rice cakes and tuna.

Fact 21: The police once came to my house to talk to my Mum about her parenting skills because I thought shaking my naked bottom out of the window was a clever idea when I was five years old.

Fact 22: I take the ‘R’ and ‘L’ on my headphones very seriously. And the people that don’t drive me crazy.

Fact 23: I am a massive hoarder. I collect anything from bottle tops to coasters to mugs, and when I was little, I used to collect toilet rolls. Don’t ask.

Fact 24: I am an extremely sentimental person, which possibly explains why I am such a hoarder.

and finally…

Fact 25: I’m going to be trying my best to post as regularly as possible. I say this all the time, but this time I will… I say that all the time, too. Okay, just don’t get your hopes up.


That’s it! You’ve reached the end of my forgettable post. I hope to see you soon!

Super short note

I’m currently at work and I’m taking this opportunity to announce we have a new author helping on this blog. My wonderful friend Arianna from today onwards will be a co-author with me on ElizaLilySmiles. This was an exceptionally easy decision to make, simply because she is an interesting writer and could tell you anything and everything about the ample books she reads – plots down to a tee

As we all know, I sometimes lose motivation for posts and disappear for months but this will all change. I haven’t posted for a while because a lot of thing were happening at once and I felt a bit low and didn’t want every post to be down and depressing.
I’m trying to open up this blog to be more than just a personal venting space. I want it to be a place people can be entertained, find advice and just enjoy what they read.

Hopefully I’m looking for 1 or 2 people to take on roles for this blog and we can get everything into shape. I will be posting very soon, so look forward to that. 


I am in the process of writing up a post with some music tag questions and film ones too, I just have to actually write the answers down – the cute ass planning board I have with all the questions on is beyond my usual limitations of creativity, but I thought I would put in atleast an ounce of effort towards something.

I’m also considering starting a small section to discuss recent anime series I have been indulging in – the first half for 2016 for me have been incredible. Watching the final episode of Kiznaiver this morning gave me this idea because it was such a well thought out series plus the intro was so good. This will probably go up after the two tag question posts, so in about 2 weeks.

Something that has been taking up a lot of my time in the past few weeks is my new job – it’s still bar work but new place and new people means I have to adjust to them, their humour and the venue itself. But beyond that I’m really enjoying it.

So yeah updates will come really soon. I’m hoping the schedule will go something like this:

– Music tag questions : posted tomorrow
– Film tag questions : posted by next Sunday
– 1st half of 2016 Anime breakdown : posted by Thursday the week after.

I make no promises on keeping up with this schedule but I’ll make a valiant effort to do so.