The Flat Share…

‘You went from unconscious to judgemental very quickly there.’

The Flat Share – Beth O’Leary

Honestly, I could say this every time I read a new book – this book was fucking incredible!

I started it today at 4.15pm and at 11.25pm, I have finished it. Obviously including breaks for cooking, eating and a social distanced chat with the neighbours for an hour after clapping for our carers.

I will bite my tongue on spoilers, but this book made me smile, cry a little (I admit begrudgingly) and feel an overwhelming wash of feelings at all parts.

I loved how the characters felt relatable – I read a lot of books and fan fictions, to know the archetypal character is someone I do not look like. I wont tangent on being shown a picture of a beautiful, slender lady and being told this is YOU. I have friends like Mo, Gerty and Rachel. I’ve met people like Justin. And I fucking wish for a Leon and Richie.

This book showed me how beautifully love can be and the finite art of post-it communication.

I know a lot of people could be put off by the flipping back and forth between the two protagonists, but it really helped build their characters and allows you to asses the plot from both perspectives.

Would definitely recommend for everyone to read, it’s such a humble book that is definitely on the reread list already!

‘Some people are beyond aromatherapeutic help’

The Flat Share – Beth O’Leary