Mellow Monday! Part 8, Ph-1 – Cupid ft PENOMECO

Number 8 in this Mellow Monday! onslaught is this wonderful feel good song by Ph-1.

This is really my morning song, without fail it always makes me smile when I’m getting ready.

The song is very easy on the ears and the beat isn’t too busy to distract you from the lyrics. The pre-chorus really breaks up the flow a bit and the bridge is just great – the fact there is a lyric that literally say ‘little baby with an arrow help a brother. If you got bad aim, just don’t botherreally just makes me chuckle. Plus its relatable XD

The music video, even though just a lyric video, is super creative and I always find myself distracted watching it when it comes on!

I really hope you enjoy this song and hopefully aren’t too bored with these posts right now. It’s been really difficult picking songs for these as a lot of then are just really good!

See you tomorrow!

Mellow Monday! Part 7, Punchnello – Blue Hawaii ft Crush & PENOMECO

This for me, is one of those forever chilling songs – If that makes any sense at all.

The mixture of Punchnello’s fast and sharp rapping, a splash of PENOMECO in the bridge coupled with Crush’s smooth vocals on the chorus really makes for some easy and generally great listening.

I’m really happy Jay signed Punchnello to AOMG at the start of the year, I really think he will be able to really tap further into his creativity.

I hope you enjoy this song and do check the rest of his discography and other songs found on his ‘Ordinary’ EP!