NaBloWriMo: Post 5 – The Bane of My Existance

Many people describe the bane of their existance or life as something quite vague but understandable in annoyance. Mine however is something that has haunted me ever since I was little.

To put some back story to this I will explain what and where this ‘bane’ came from. Growing up in a family of gamers, I’ve been exposed endlessly to different genres of games, formats, etc. One of the game series played often in my house was the Legend of Zelda series – Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Windwaker, any of them released we had at one point or another and I either enjoyed playing them ( when I was old enough to understand the controls and not cry if I died during a boss battle) or even watching my brother or dad play them.

The game, I admit, that scared me the most when I was little, was Majora’s Mask. I tell you, ENDLESS nightmares, crying – you name it, it happened. But although it scared the literal shit out of me I still pushed to watch my brother try to complete the game. Now I’m sure if anyone reading this that has played the game (or recently Hyrule Warriors) you will know that fucking moon is one of the creepiest things known to man. It’s just there getting closer and closer as the game progresses, till at one point you might as well not bother looking for it because it’s so damn close. Now I think I’ve grown from my younger self’s fear but when I got the clawshot upgrade in Hyrule Warriors and it dragged that mother fucker from the sky, I almost died. Like why man WHYYY. I hope I don’t sound too melodramatic.

And then I find out they are making a remastered version of Majora’s Mask for the 3DS – which is amazing and I only hope my brother will let me play it when he gets it … he’s definitely getting it … I’ll make him – but as soon as a comparison of graphics article is made, lone fucking behold the main image is that goddamn moon. I’m not happy. Well I am but I’m not.

So that is the bane of my life.




NaBloWriMo: Post 4 – No More Sunny Days

Having one of those days where metaphorically it’s like when you think it’s a fart but it’s actually a shit.

I’m confused. Maybe doing what I just did will have severe consequences for me in the future (which doesn’t exist).

Putting friendships on breaks is never easy, especially when it’s with a best friend. I’ve been feeling lately that I’m not actually an equal in thus friendship; merely a subordinate. It might do me some good, might fuck me up and send me over the edge. Just have to wait and see.

No more sunny days.

NaBloWriMo: Post 2 – ‘I had the blues but shook them loose’.

I aptly named this blog post after a Bombay Bicycle Club song simply because i couldn’t think of a name, plus it sort of links to the meaning of this post.

So I’m going to set the scene and explain to you wonderful people why I got so annoyed on my journey to work the other day.

So it’s Friday evening and I’m on my way into work for a double shift – so its about 4.30pm. As I’m strolling to the northern line platform in King’s Cross, I see, what has to be, the cutest gay, interracial couple ever – one was a shortish Asian man with an up-do and subtle but incredible fashion sense, and the other a tall white male with a beard that was just, hands up, the best beard of the month for me (It wasn’t necessary to describe them in that much detail but I thought they matched well and they had that cute height thing going on).

So they’re minding their own business as they go to their desired platform, but every now and again some people were just throwing them disgusted looks. Now i could understand if they were playing a few rounds of tonsil tennis – because PDA in straight or gay couples is just nasty, I mean I know you love each other but I don’t care that much – but they were simply holding hands and the occasional endearing look, like one was making sure he hadn’t lost the other.

After about 5 minutes I got very frustrated that they couldn’t actually look happy in public with each other without some random person getting offended. But then I realised, they didn’t give one flying fuck about what the people were saying or how they were looking – they had each other and that was all that mattered. So I smiled and every now and again if someone was starring at then disgustedly I would swipe a lil’ dirty look their way like seriously mate mind your own before I mind it for you.

To be honest I didn’t think anyone should have a problem with them being subtly coupley because, I’m going to be crude, it’s not like they’re fucking in front of you, or forcing you to stare at them hold hands. It’s petty if you look for reasons to hate them, but oh well. I thought they were cute, and I was honestly jealous – I have never had, or had a friend who has had anything that romantically innocent before.

NaBloWriMo: Post 1 – I’m a bit late but … first post

Admittedly I and now 3 days late to starting this (would have just been 2 but I procrastinated starting this post too long – sigh). But THIS month I’m going to attempt NaBloWriMo (simply because I don’t have the brain capacity at the moment to partake in NaNoWriMo – that and I spend most of my time at the moment working or sleeping)

This should be an interesting task for myself as I lost my blogging mojo recently and hopefully – crosses fingers – this rekindles my passion again.

Before I hit the hay tonight, I’m probably going to type up the next 2 days worth of posts, merely because I’m going to stand-up philosophy tomorrow (well tonight) and probably won’t have the time.