NaBloWriMo: Post 12 – The inevitability of this fate

I actually believed I could make it through the month blogging atleast once a day for NaBloWriMo. But as we can all see from my archives, that failed completely. I’m not going to make excuses, I just got lazy. *sigh* I feel like I should go back to bed, simply because I am tired and this post is by way a means of an apology and I feel if I long it out you won’t forgive me XD.

NaBloWriMo: Post 11 – I should be working

This is just a short, short post telling you all that I should be working right now. But I’m in the cloakroom, which only a handful of people are using, so I have nothing to do except enjoy the music and blog obviously.

I didn’t post yesterday because I had a double shift at work and had no real time to post on here. I did however think about posting, on multiple occasions but I never got round to it XD. Bad, bad blogger.

I should get back to working thou, because this band are so mellow ^.^

Blog later ♡

NaBloWriMo: Post 10 – Hmmm

Arguing with people is never a nice experience. But even more so when it’s a parent. I don’t really like arguing, simply because it stresses me out, and when I get stressed my face acts up. Seeing that I changed my blog provider, you wonderful people won’t know what I’m talking about so I’ll give you a quick low down. Basically around the summer of 2013 I had Bell’s Palsy, which meant half my face stopped working. Fun fun fun.

So I have to talk things in my stride but that doesn’t always go in my favour – at 1am, I snuck back into (yes back into) my house. I shan’t explain everything that happened but I haven’t slept at all and my mind is clouded 😦 .

Thoughtful kitty statuette on my windowsill. More thoughtful than me.

Morning world.

NaBloWriMo: Post 9 – What I spend my time doing

I thought I would post this before getting to work as I have time. I mean in retrospect I spend half my life travelling on public transport (whether it 40 minutes journeys into work, or those hourly one on the way home). I get to do a lot of thinking and I have decided to tell you what I do with my spare time (because you all care soo much *sarcasm*). But here goes.

If I’m not travelling I’m either reading or writing. Boring I know but it’s what I can do. I say that because after leaving secondary school (or the first 5 years of high school if you’re American I believe) I kind of lost my art mono – I have endless amounts of art work lying around my room bearing as constant reminders to this fact. I mean I do always think about getting back into stencilling but I need new equipment, and right now I don’t have the money for that (but I will soon !).

But to make my hobbies sound less vague I will be more specific. I read numerous amounts of fanfiction, as you could tell from a previous post I wrote about my slight obsession. I also try to read normal books but I get halfway and then just put them down – I need to stop doing that because it’s just making the pile beside my bed ever growing.

And writing wise I also posted about how I handle not falling into depression, which is by writing my thoughts in the form of prose and poetry. I almost feel as if I were in a Shakespeare play, they would be my asides to the audience – somewhat a soliloquy but less eloquently said of course.

Alongside those two things I do enjoy recording and watching documentaries (either animal related, historical ones, or ones on literature – nine times out of ten they are the combination of the first two, learning about all the prehistoric creatures from the jurassic, miocene and pliocene periods of time. Ahh Megalodons). At the moment I have 6 episodes of this documentary series on actors discussing Shakespearean plays and how the written quality of the play and the acting merge together on stage to recreate the greatness of them.

And blogging, as you have probably realised because of these endless NaBloWriMo posts ^.^.

It’s almost my stop to get off so I will leave it here. Post later.

NaBloWriMo: Post 8 – Gamer Tag

Because life gave me the option of opinion and a reminiscent nature. Here we go ^.^

  • What is your all-time favourite video game?

Well it’s a mix between Animal Crossing and Banjo Kazooie. Animal Crossing because it is that game that gets me through long journeys – sitting in a car, just picking weeds, and chopping trees, the usual. Plus it is a very, very relaxing game (unless Resetti-ed). But I lean more towards Banjo Kazooie because it was one of the first games I sat down and played on my own. I know that isn’t much of an achievement nowadays but for me it pushed me mentally to continue gaming. Plus the visuals were pretty.

  • What is your current favourite game?

Currently it is Hyrule Warriors (previously Assassin’s Creed Black Flag). The game-play is just amazing. I mean the switch in plot – playing as the good guys one minute and then boom your playing as Ganon to fill in the narrative gap (which many other games usually show or tell you what happens). I think I’m 2 chapters from the end, but before I complete it, I’m going to go back and play through on easy mode (because I normaled my way to this point in time) to get character upgrades. Also the mere fact that some of my favourite characters appear in the game (Midna – babe, pre and post curse. Lana – melts) with an alternative or spin off past and story from the original series is just genius. Amazing. Look at me rambling, next question.
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NaBloWriMo: Post 6 – Appreciation

There are so many things one could appreciate in life. Be it a good person, to good drinks. But today gave me the most appreciation (if that makes sense). Finishing work at neo 4.30am leaves much to hate about life but good travel buddies always gives me a smile. And even more so when one of them goes ahead to pick food up for his girlfriend, and in the process some chicken wings for my colleague and I. To some that’s just life but for me it showed me how good wild and hearted some folk are. I mean he didn’t have to buy us them, let alone think of how hungry we may be, but he did. He also gave us a can of coke which did quench the thirst of a 12 hour shift.

I’m happy now and will be for the day coming. Thank you kind security guard, enjoy your day off. 🙂