Somewhat Achievable Things

Has anyone ever had that nostalgic feeling when cleaning your room, so the motivation for cleanliness is lost and suddenly you have piles of books and notepads spread around you? A blanket of paper filled with things you jotted down or aimless doodles from lessons you can’t even remember clearly?

Well the other day I finally got round to sitting at my desk – I know you probably wondering what the hell I’m on about, but in short I decided to buy this desk, that I havent used since building it. But I pulled down the flap and was greeted with all my old notebooks just crammed in there. I’m sure I had a reason for throwing them in there when i built the desk, however I can’t remember why.

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Essays, essays, essays and more short stories

Looking through all my old college work, I realised I wrote some pretty good essays. So tonight and tomorrow I’m going to post some film and philosophy essays I wrote. Then if I can find it, my English lit mock essay which was the best in the class (from what the teacher said – I did think that my fellow classmates wrote of a similar standard to me – twas nothing special about it).

I am going to forewarn you they aren’t amazing essays, they are just my favourite and personal best.

Also I just found a stack of stories I wrote a while back so i shall edit them and let you see them ^.^