Mellow Monday! Part 10, Dumbfoundead – Water

I have posted about Dumbfoundead quite a while ago for a Mellow Monday and I had to squeeze him in. I know some people might argue he isn’t technically in the ‘Korean Hip Hop’ category but oh well.

The whole Foreigner album for me was great, I loved how this album was an exploration towards his Korean heritage. As someone who would be considered an outlier, I thought this album was a great bridge to potential Korean fans.

This song has quite a hypnotic element through the hook and G.Soul’s vocals really add to this song and give it a new dynamic!

I would also suggest checking out his youtube channel and podcast series ‘Fun With Dumb’ aptly named after his ’09 album. Its such a fun and entertaining podcast series with some amazing guests on there, from Jay Park, Wax, Ph-1 to GroovyRoom.

Because I wrote so much about Old Boy Jon, I won’t this time haha. But I really hope you enjoy and check out his other music – he has an insane way of expressing himself and I think you will find something you really love!

Mellow Monday! Dumbfoundead- Word!

What can I say, but it’s Monday and once again I’m excited. No not because I’m currently stood on the platform in the rain waiting to go work. It’s because I can finally share this week’s Mellow Monday with you all.

This week’s song is special to me, not because I share any great connection to it, but because it’s by one of my favourite artists of all time.

Our musical relationship started way back when his Dfd album was released. I used to religiously watch DavidSoComedy on YouTube and found his exit song Girlfriend by Jon Mcxro. Whilst getting acquainted with that song, I saw in the recommended Cool and Calm by Dumbfoundead. And I’ve never looked back.

Dumbfoundead’s lyrics aren’t your standard rap. They tell a story of his youth, his growth, and his aspirations. He soundtracked my late teen years – on my 17th, I rinsed his Old Boy Jon album in the set up for the evening. 

During my college years, I listened to him whilst writing my essays and practice papers. I knew if I got through the entire Take the Stares album, I had spent too long on an English lit essay.

His verses that flow like a lyrical river, inebriates the mind, and even in my most stressful days, I mellow out to the silky songs present on every album.

I’m not going to lie and say he doesn’t rap about drugs, money and women. But he also raps about how it got to where he is, his family and the struggles he faced. If anyone remembers the AJ+ video about and American-Korean who released a song about the Oscar controversy, and the fact there is a serious issue with the representation of Asian actors in the Hollywood scene – this was him.

It’s always strange to hear someone talk about how a person, let alone artist has changed their life, but this man has. Even when I saw him perform at my soon-to-be work place back in 2012, I have never seen such a humble being in my life – plus his attempt at a British accent had me in fits of laughter for the following hours after his set finished.

Through Dumbfoundead, I have become acquainted with other artists such as Wax, Breezy Lovejoy and Andrew Garcia just to name a few.

I’m going to close this post off with a few other song suggestions, even though I recommend sitting down and just working your way through his entire discography:

  • Clear
  • W$TSDE
  • Cool and Calm
  • No More Sunny Days
  • Are We There Yet
  • It’s Not You
  • and What Do I Have To Do (where he features but this song is still great)

Have a great day and fingers crossed I get to work on time. Enjoy!

I can never quite get my timing right.

(I’d suggest listening to this whilst reading the post, it’s my mellow music. Dumfoundead really calms me down and gets my head in the right space to focus – or gets me in the mood to pretend I can rap and gets me slightly distracted because I use my pen as a mic and this caption has become was too long and awkward to stop. Shit.)

I could say better late than never on this attempt to do a New Years blog post – although admittedly I did say that it may be late, I didn’t expect it to be this late. I’m rambling and I’m sure that sentence doesn’t make sense, but I’m finally doing this so let’s get it done. (I’m was listening to SNK’s first opening in an attempt to get myself pumped for typing. But it didn’t quite work out and I started watching anime – this is like attempt 2.)

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