1am Thoughts

It’s 1am, and I’m struggling to sleep – Might be because of the 4-hour nap I had today. Or the fact my brain is whirling 100 thoughts per minute.

I’ll probably just attempt to listen to some music and eventually drift off without realising.

Maybe I’ll explain why my sleeping is crap one day. Maybe.

I will, however, leave you with a quote I found in Tablo’s Blonote.

‘The world doesn’t revolve around me, I know. The problem is I don’t want myself in it at all.’

Goodnight/Good Morning – whichever fits the bill.


Knock Knock: Who’s There?

Knock Knock: Who’s There?

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?

Oh… it isn’t ElizaLilySmiles? No, it isn’t – because guess who has decided to co-authorise the living daylights out of this blog? ME!

Hello to whoever’s reading this! You’re looking particularly lovely today.
My name is AriannaEve and I run a miserable attempt of a blog that you can check out here. I’m so excited to be working on this blog with one of my beautiful best friends! It feels like I haven’t written a blog post in forever (probably because I haven’t written a blog post in forever) and I can’t wait to get back in to the swing of things.

So, in the heart of new introductions, I’ve decided to do something veeeery original for you guys; something that will (hopefully) make you warm to me a little, and get to know the beauty that is beyond this screen: a ‘facts about me’ tag. Originality at its finest.


Fact 1: To the left, to the left, everything you own i– Oh, my bad.
Got a little bit carried away. To the left, you’ll see my face.

Fact 2: I study Film and Creative Writing at University!

Fact 3: I was born on Christmas Eve (24th December, and I was 3 minutes away from being a Christmas baby!)

Fact 4: I have a lot of bad habits – including biting my nails. Yuck.

Fact 5: I love the thought of being clean and organised in everything I do, but putting it in to practice proves to be pretty much impossible.

Fact 6: I have been playing the piano since I was around 7 years old, and teaching myself to play other instruments is one of my favourite hobbies!

Fact 7: More of my hobbies consist of gaming, reading, watching films, listening to/creating music, drawing, and I’ve recently found my love for bullet journalling and graphic design.

Fact 8: My favourite films of all time are Spirited Away, Labyrinth, The Holiday, Halloween: H20, Harry Potter (all of them), and pretty much anything Disney.

Fact 9: I’m open to all types of music, but my favourite genres are rock and indie. (I’m planning on doing a massive music master-post sometime soon so keep your eyes peeled).

Fact 10: My favourite colours are black and yellow.

Fact 11: I once ate an entire chicken for dinner. A large one.

Fact 12: I once peed in a display toilet in a well-known DIY store.

Fact 13: My favourite books are The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and Every Day by David Leviathan.

Fact 14: I’m a proud member of the Hufflepuff house.

Fact 15: I say “no” to pretty much any physical activity and sport, but I love to play pool.

Fact 16: My biggest fears are spiders, wasps, vomit and umbrellas.

Fact 17: When I was younger, I was a very fussy eater. Whenever the family were to order pizza, I would demand that my Mum ordered me a “pizza with no bits”. Not a ‘margharita’ or a ‘cheese and tomato’.  A “pizza with no bits”. Or I wouldn’t eat it.

Fact 18: My dream car is a Suzuki Swift. Ah…, bae.

Fact 19: My favourite animals are foxes, wolves and fawns. (And dogs – I have two of those!)

Fact 20: really hate bolognese, rice cakes and tuna.

Fact 21: The police once came to my house to talk to my Mum about her parenting skills because I thought shaking my naked bottom out of the window was a clever idea when I was five years old.

Fact 22: I take the ‘R’ and ‘L’ on my headphones very seriously. And the people that don’t drive me crazy.

Fact 23: I am a massive hoarder. I collect anything from bottle tops to coasters to mugs, and when I was little, I used to collect toilet rolls. Don’t ask.

Fact 24: I am an extremely sentimental person, which possibly explains why I am such a hoarder.

and finally…

Fact 25: I’m going to be trying my best to post as regularly as possible. I say this all the time, but this time I will… I say that all the time, too. Okay, just don’t get your hopes up.


That’s it! You’ve reached the end of my forgettable post. I hope to see you soon!


There’s something almost comforting about the night sky from this spot. Concealed between the tall and dark estate buildings, this concrete jungle, eternal darkness fills this little space. Millions of fluorescent stars are placed in the distance, the occasional plane filled with eager travellers seeking wondrous adventure, all harbouring the dreams of the people who overlook this place.

Dimly lit by the solemn and lone lamp; cellophane euphoria and discarded boxes scattered and left behind from a day’s graft of visits, glow in the false sun’s beam. Once bright blue new arches are now rusted; vines effortlessly entwined around each bar, climbing to freedom, towards the sky where all the dreamers live. Benches seated in a circle, discarded drink cans and cigarette butts strewn across them.

Three summers ago, from this spot, the roar of animals storming the streets could be heard; the screeching, the squawking. The distress. What for? A fight? A protest? A cause? Serpents of smoke hissed and filled the sky, whilst the distant flames licked up the sides of buildings; breaking apart this once concrete jungle.

As the rain fell the following days, the musty scent of soot and despair lingered in the empty streets. The once vibrant city was now a dull red, black and grey; the water ran black in the debris filled gutters; the city was void of life. ‘Like the painted face of a savage’ they said to describe the caged animals now. Oh how they are wrong, misunderstood is all. The trouble is though, they can’t see through this melancholy madness.

It leaves a humbling yet daunting thought. Humbling that the inhabitants of the den destroyed their own home, but daunting that it could happen.

To an outsider this place, this sanctuary, is disgusting. A travesty to the eyes of the Lords and Ladies, who would daren’t to bat an eye lid at this spot, give no care. But to us this is spot; this is escape. To us, this is home.

I wrote this awhile ago for my AS English Language coursework. My teacher didn’t like it much but fuck it. Can’t always please everyone can you.

The new year is soon upon us …

Do you ever just sit there and wish for a do-over? I want a do-over. I want one right now in fact. I want to write down everything that went wrong and go back to the start of this year and make everything better. But that isn’t going to happen. So we have to just keep an open mind for the new year (well not to open because that’s when we become complacent. And when that happens I always, without a doubt, end up broke).

Unlike many new year’s posts you’ll ready, I’m not going to list all the good things, all the bad things, and then a whole bunch of resolutions I probably won’t stick too because life happens. I’m just going to say, if the same shit happens next year that happened this year, I’m fucking screwed, I’ll need counselling, and I will probably become an insane hermit, reading to pass my days. Continue reading “The new year is soon upon us …”

NaBloWriMo: Post 1 – I’m a bit late but … first post

Admittedly I and now 3 days late to starting this (would have just been 2 but I procrastinated starting this post too long – sigh). But THIS month I’m going to attempt NaBloWriMo (simply because I don’t have the brain capacity at the moment to partake in NaNoWriMo – that and I spend most of my time at the moment working or sleeping)

This should be an interesting task for myself as I lost my blogging mojo recently and hopefully – crosses fingers – this rekindles my passion again.

Before I hit the hay tonight, I’m probably going to type up the next 2 days worth of posts, merely because I’m going to stand-up philosophy tomorrow (well tonight) and probably won’t have the time.


Fanfictions. Somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. Over the past few years i have read thousands (and that isn’t an exaggeration). I’ve read good ones, bad ones, well written ones, ones that mutilate and just crap over grammar, long ones, short ones – basically a lot of them. But, there are only a handful of ones that stick with me; ones that pass my mind every now and again and make me go ‘Ah that fic was a good one wasn’t it’ or ‘Nothing can top that fic’. (I know I live quite a mundane life if I sit down and read fics then think about them … don’t judge me)

There was one, very recently, that I read and I have to tell you, it was absolutely amazing. It ticked so many boxes: the plot wasn’t an overkill (it wasn’t jam-packed with 100s of plot twists or radical story sections); it was very well written (I didn’t sit there correcting the grammar in my head); plus I loved the characters and who they were based on (being a fan of B.A.P just made this fic something I could jump onto reading – but don’t let that put you off reading it, I mean you can just replace the characters in your head if it bugs you too much).

It was called ‘Ephemeral’ by Asian FanFiction author Kfanfiction. The reason I’m talking about this fic in particular and not one of the many others i have/am reading, is because it is one of the only stories I have ever read that brought me to tears but left me smiling at the same time. I’m a sap for these things.

If you have the time check it out, I’ll drop the link below, and tell me what you think ^.^ – we simply can’t let talent go unnoticed.


P.S – There were many occasions that I, myself, dabbled in writing fanfiction. I have a lot of time on my hands. I would post them here but they aren’t the most kosher XD

Supervacaneus. Indomitus. Indignus.

Sometimes, I like to consolidate my thoughts together, and realise how much I dislike people. 

I mean certain people not everyone. But seriously, for you to air your hatred about me to me (after I was being a civil person by allowing you to stay in my abode whilst everyone else practically shunned you with false claims and lame excuses), you make it your ‘duty’ (to a lesser degree) to appear everywhere on social media, in things I am tagged in, have commented on, to posting in a mutual group seconds after I have posted (even after un-friending me might I just add) is beyond me right now.

I don’t like to deem people as shallow but at this precise moment in time you are really taking to cake.

I also wouldn’t want to wish ill-heath on anyone, but sometimes the thought passes my mind of just maybe you leaving me alone. Forever. Period.

And just before I depart, I would just like to pose this thesis to the floor. Now I personally don’t consider myself to be, what was the phrase again, ahh yes, a ‘manipulative bitch’, merely because I don’t have the care, attention span, or willpower to do anything associated with the position. But however I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do posses the quality, the nature, to get frustrated and somewhat angry, when pushed. And I don’t mean insignificant or small things setting me off into a fit of bitchy anger, but I’m talking about the persistent pestering, constant touching, the ridiculing of my problems because, as you put it, ‘You’re dabbling in first world problems when you talk about how you feel under appreciated, but my problem about my mother refusing to buy me £70 shoes after giving me £300 for the shits and giggles is more important’.

No. Just no.

It’s inevitable to say I am, and quite frankly have been annoyed for coming on 3-4 weeks now because I just CAN’T get to grips with your reasoning for all this. If it’s attention you crave after a whole year of rejection, then I am sorry my dear but the attention you are receiving from me isn’t of admiration and love but more of hate, thus leading me to become void of emotion and care when situations involving you arise in the future.

I know you, the person to whom this is aimed at wont see this because, haha, you removed any evidence of me being any part of your life.

Your love, supervacaneus. My dislike to you, indomitus. Your attempts to upset me, indignus.

That, is all.