Mellow Monday! Dumbfoundead- Word!

What can I say, but it’s Monday and once again I’m excited. No not because I’m currently stood on the platform in the rain waiting to go work. It’s because I can finally share this week’s Mellow Monday with you all.

This week’s song is special to me, not because I share any great connection to it, but because it’s by one of my favourite artists of all time.

Our musical relationship started way back when his Dfd album was released. I used to religiously watch DavidSoComedy on YouTube and found his exit song Girlfriend by Jon Mcxro. Whilst getting acquainted with that song, I saw in the recommended Cool and Calm by Dumbfoundead. And I’ve never looked back.

Dumbfoundead’s lyrics aren’t your standard rap. They tell a story of his youth, his growth, and his aspirations. He soundtracked my late teen years – on my 17th, I rinsed his Old Boy Jon album in the set up for the evening. 

During my college years, I listened to him whilst writing my essays and practice papers. I knew if I got through the entire Take the Stares album, I had spent too long on an English lit essay.

His verses that flow like a lyrical river, inebriates the mind, and even in my most stressful days, I mellow out to the silky songs present on every album.

I’m not going to lie and say he doesn’t rap about drugs, money and women. But he also raps about how it got to where he is, his family and the struggles he faced. If anyone remembers the AJ+ video about and American-Korean who released a song about the Oscar controversy, and the fact there is a serious issue with the representation of Asian actors in the Hollywood scene – this was him.

It’s always strange to hear someone talk about how a person, let alone artist has changed their life, but this man has. Even when I saw him perform at my soon-to-be work place back in 2012, I have never seen such a humble being in my life – plus his attempt at a British accent had me in fits of laughter for the following hours after his set finished.

Through Dumbfoundead, I have become acquainted with other artists such as Wax, Breezy Lovejoy and Andrew Garcia just to name a few.

I’m going to close this post off with a few other song suggestions, even though I recommend sitting down and just working your way through his entire discography:

  • Clear
  • W$TSDE
  • Cool and Calm
  • No More Sunny Days
  • Are We There Yet
  • It’s Not You
  • and What Do I Have To Do (where he features but this song is still great)

Have a great day and fingers crossed I get to work on time. Enjoy!


Mellow Mondays! Simply Red – Fairground


Now I know many aren’t going to with my choice of Mellow Monday this week,but, you have to understand that I love Simply Red. This band for me epitomise my childhood, yes my childhood even if i was born in ’96, they were my soundtrack, amidst other band. I have fond memories of 4 hour drive down to the Cornwall coast with my family, repeating the life out of the Stars and Home albums. We literally sang the whole journey there and back.

Now many people dislike Simply Red because they dislike Mick Hucknall, they loathe his attitude and just general aura when he’s off stage. However, I have never met the man, nor will I probably ever, but his on stage presence and his music gives me chills, so I won’t disregard his status as a musician.

Something about their music just brings a smile to my face, so today I share with you one of my favourite Simply Red songs, Fairground. My mum always makes me chuckle when we binge listen to their discography, because no matter what she is doing, as soon as this song starts, she starts swaying about – the last time was literally about 5 minutes before I started writing this post, stopped mid walk and was just having a little jig on her own in the middle of the walk. I personally can’t fault this song, the only thing is the music video has some sultry hip action by someone in tight red pants and it always has me in tears.

I have had the privilege of seeing this band play live. I was truly a wonderful last minute thing – My parents were supposed to go with a friend of theirs and her son, but the son had to pull out last minute. So the day before the show I was asked if I wanted to go and I almost threw my phone. Over-exaggeration? Potentially. Worth it? Hell yes! The set-list was incredible, although I did have to leave mid-encore because work beckoned me – I was grateful enough they would let me miss the first half of my shift and about 30 minutes of the second part because I practically begged them to let me have this one thing.

Well, I’m going to end this post now simply because I could take for hours about this group, their music, and the fond memories I have with each song. But below I shall list a few other songs by them that you should check out:

  • Sunrise – For anyone who loves the original version by Hall & Oates ‘I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do) which sections of that song were sampled for this.
  • Stars – because it’s just a beautiful song
  • Home
  • Holding Back the Years – Their original version as the Frantic Elevators, and the reprise in a sense as Simply Red
  • A New Flame

Okay, I really am done before i just post a link to their entire discography.

Write soon !

Mellow Mondays! – NCT 127 ft SR15B – Switch

Today’s mellow Monday for me was a toss up between 3 songs for me, but I chose this one for this week.

Not much to say about the song but it is one of my newest favourites – it’s not exceptionally long but it’s just so cheery and starts my day off with a quip every time I get ready to this.

NCT 127 are a sub unit of the massive group called NCT aka Neo Culture Technology in South Korea. Signed under SM Entertainment, NCT 127 are the sibling group to NCT Dream and NCT U – with each group bringing a different vibe and sub-genre to kpop. They have beat and dance forward songs that are catchy from the offset. They are one of my favourite debuts from last year ^.^

Other songs to check out:

  • NCT U – The 7th Sense
  • NCT 127 – Firetruck
  • NCT Dream – Chewing Gum

Pretty awesome things happening right now and we’ve only started the year. Year in review coming soon, just haven’t got any time at the moment to upload because work.

See you on the flip side ❤

Mellow Mondays #2

Hey, everyone! It’s Arianna here!

I hope you festive friends have had a wonderful Christmas and are now enjoying your annual Boxing Day. I’m looking forward to the beginning of the New Year and I hope you are too. But there’s something else I’m looking forward to: it is, of course, Mellow Mondays. Rachel’s already beat me to the first post. So, I’m here to kickstart my first entry of this series!

(Gosh, I hope we stick to this!)

Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon (2010)

The first album I want to talk about in this series is one of my all time favourites. Come Around Sundown is the perfect tool for relaxation, studying and for exerting an overall mellow-jam experience. I swear by this album for many reasons – one of the reasons being that I find Caleb’s voice very versatile. He has a sexy, husky raspiness to his lungs, and it certainly allows for both an easy-listening experience and intense experience of pure eargasm.

I also find this album very thought-provoking. This is one of the main reasons why I listen to it – to use it for revision or when I am writing essays. It’s a pretty slow-paced album – Radioactive and Mary being the worst examples of this deduction, but the rest of the album is pretty chill and doesn’t distract me whilst my little brain is ticking away.

In an article written in NME by Luke Lewis, he describes the album as being “so desperate to prove its own authenticity it forgets to be remotely moving”. Don’t let this put you off because, quite frankly, this entire statement is, in Hagrid’s words, codswallop. Personally speaking, I believe this album to be one of KOL’s best works, if not, the best album that they have ever produced. And “forgets to be remotely moving”? Listen to Pyro or The Face, pal, and come back to me when you’re drowning in your own tears.

So, in terms of my favourite, it’s very difficult for me to pick a definitive favourite from the 13-track album. But I definitely have my favourites. Plural. I think Pyro and The Face are beautiful, so they’re definitely up there. I love the country-like nature of Back Down South – I’m a sucker for a bit of ol’ country and Back Down South is one of my personal, classic car-journey bangers. However, the one that I find myself listening to the most from the album is The Immortals. I could listen to it on repeat for days on end because the chorus is magical. The guitar is magical. Caleb’s voice is magical. Lyrics? Magical. It’s a true depiction of self-discovery. I find myself listening to this one the most when I am feeling down, anxious or stressed. It reminds me to keep calm and just take life as it comes – to ‘spill out on the streets of stars and ride away’ on the adventure that life brings.

(Well… That turned unexpectedly emotional.)

The entire album can be found on Spotify, YouTube and iTunes, and I fully recommend that you listen to the entire album through at least once. Close your eyes, press play and let Caleb and the guys transport you in to a realm of goosebumps.

I’ll leave you with the entire album as a little Christmas treat.
FULL ALBUM HERE! (via YouTube)

See ya later, gang. Enjoy!
– Ari x

Mellow Monday!

Talking to Arianna on the 17th I told her about the two new features I came up with for the blog, Mellow Monday has to be our favourite of the two. We are both massive music lovers, spanning across many genres and languages, and we would love recommending and telling you about the music we love. We are going to do one each bi-weekly giving us both enough time to cultivate a good-read post.

So today is my first Mellow Monday post! And today I’m going to share with you SECHSKIES. Now SECHSKIES are very old Korean-pop group. Not to go into too much detail, whereby this becomes a biography – they debuted back in 1997, when I was a wee baby of 1 years old, and had an amazing career. They had a ‘rival’ band called H.O.T – I say rival band, but it’s like the friendly rivalry between Take That and East 17. They were signed under DSP Entertainment and had an amazing stage presence, a massive fanclub and some really touching and incredible songs. Many fans were distraught when they disbanded back in 2000 – what a start to millennium.

The reason I am sharing my love for SECHSKIES, is because this year in 2016, they have made a comeback! They have remastered some of their classic and most popular songs. The one at the top is from 1998 and it’s called Couple. I love how simplistic and mellow the song is. It really shows the progression of K-pop from when they first debuted to now with modern bands storming the charts.

I’m not going to say I came out the womb being a YellowKies (formally DSF – this is their fanclub name), but I learnt of them and my affection for the band grew after religiously watching the drama ‘Reply 1997’ – There is a post in the making about good dramas I think you should watch ^.^

So I’ll end this post here with another of my favourite songs called Three Words

All rights on the music videos go to YG Entertainment and SECHSKIES