Saturday Blues

Saturday Blues

I’m not sure why but today just seems to be dragging on – I’ve spent literally hours studying about the financial service and I can easily say my brain has died.

I’m only revising as I have an exam Monday and I kind of don’t want to fail. I mean hopefully I will pass and  can sleep easy knowing it wasn’t for nothing, but my brain could literally just go through a fart phase and not work. High possibilities on both.

So I recently found out that I’m vitamin D deficit. It really isn’t a surprise, I mean I avoid the sun like it’s the plague.

This post is super short today. Just wanted to share the feature picture with you. I took it a few weeks ago and it just makes me happy looking at it. No one judge me its been a very, very long day.

I’ll write soon hopefully.




There’s something almost comforting about the night sky from this spot. Concealed between the tall and dark estate buildings, this concrete jungle, eternal darkness fills this little space. Millions of fluorescent stars are placed in the distance, the occasional plane filled with eager travellers seeking wondrous adventure, all harbouring the dreams of the people who overlook this place.

Dimly lit by the solemn and lone lamp; cellophane euphoria and discarded boxes scattered and left behind from a day’s graft of visits, glow in the false sun’s beam. Once bright blue new arches are now rusted; vines effortlessly entwined around each bar, climbing to freedom, towards the sky where all the dreamers live. Benches seated in a circle, discarded drink cans and cigarette butts strewn across them.

Three summers ago, from this spot, the roar of animals storming the streets could be heard; the screeching, the squawking. The distress. What for? A fight? A protest? A cause? Serpents of smoke hissed and filled the sky, whilst the distant flames licked up the sides of buildings; breaking apart this once concrete jungle.

As the rain fell the following days, the musty scent of soot and despair lingered in the empty streets. The once vibrant city was now a dull red, black and grey; the water ran black in the debris filled gutters; the city was void of life. ‘Like the painted face of a savage’ they said to describe the caged animals now. Oh how they are wrong, misunderstood is all. The trouble is though, they can’t see through this melancholy madness.

It leaves a humbling yet daunting thought. Humbling that the inhabitants of the den destroyed their own home, but daunting that it could happen.

To an outsider this place, this sanctuary, is disgusting. A travesty to the eyes of the Lords and Ladies, who would daren’t to bat an eye lid at this spot, give no care. But to us this is spot; this is escape. To us, this is home.

I wrote this awhile ago for my AS English Language coursework. My teacher didn’t like it much but fuck it. Can’t always please everyone can you.

NaBloWriMo: Post 3 – 2am blues

It’s 2am
And can I sleep.
This infernal thinking
Makes my heart weep.
It’s toxic thoughts
That bore so deep.
That toxicity
Starts to seep.
It’s 2am
Please just let me sleep.

I feel really sad for some reason. I spent all day pushing to blog but I just couldn’t. Hours and hours of trying but I just lay there thinking. Thinking of how fucking stupid I am. But alas that’s something for another day. I’m contemplating completing some gamer tag questions for my next NaBloWriMo post … It’s all thoughts thou.

Everything about nothing

My brain is forcing me to lose the motivation of blogging. Well not blogging as a whole, but meaningful blogging, something that will add value to life.

In an attempt to clear my head, I’m trying to write poetry but it’s all depressing prose (I say prose because for poetry it isn’t your static and standard poetry – barely any rhyme scheme, etc).

I’ll get back to it in some attempt to get anything good from this experience.

Short story made from boredom – Based off Castle of Otranto

“She pushed her frail and weakened body through clusters of white lily bushels. Red scars left on her dirtied white skin, paled by the florescent moon up in the twilight sky. Her breath quickening, her pace echoing that of her heart; thud, thud, thud. Hollowed branches snapping carelessly beneath her soles. The end was nigh and she could feel it, but she kept running.

Isabella turned, glancing quickly at the tall, leafless trees as the cast eerie and daunting shadows on the path she had taken. A luminous, green glow in the distance signalled the castle; her once safe haven, now merely another hollowed shell in her ‘perfect life’. She knew it was too soon to stop. Manfred was near, she could feel it. Shivers ran down her spine as the wind whispered muffled ‘run’s and ‘save me’s; even the spirits knew she was in danger. The end was nigh and she could feel it, but she kept running.

With a final push, she finally escaped the forest and entered what seemed to be dead land. A screaming silence enveloped her; no whistling winds, no insects, no birds, just the sound of her heart; thud, thud, thud. Thick fog limited her vision. Anything could be out there, but she knew it was seemingly heaven here than with Manfred.

She ran into the fog, disorientated, no idea of direction, she just ran. Crisp grass tickled her beaten soles, she could almost taste the freedom. Mind distracted by this wanting trance, she tripped over airs of nothingness. Hitting the ground, all soul and drive left her body. A single tear formed a crystal in the crevice of her dead eyes. The end was nigh and she could feel it but, but could she keep running.

Isabella tried to stand but it felt as if the spirits once pushing her on, were now holding her down, pinning her to this fate and signalling her coming end.

‘Isabella, my dear, my beauty. Why did you run?’ Isolated in her thoughts, she hadn’t noticed the man who makes her blood run cold had finally caught her. The end was nigh … the end was here.”

Day 16 of Blog Your Socks Off September a.k.a Apples

Andddd todays is about Apples … XD

Apples and i have a weird relationship:

We love eachothers company, Its really good

But when i eat them they make me feel sick

But they taste so nice, my favourite food TT__TT

Apples why are you such a prick 🙁

You come in red, pink, yellow and green

Such diversity in a fruit

But when i eat you, you turn mean

You hurt my tummy

Its not even funny


What do i do 🙁


I Love You

Apples <3

this poem is shit but im tired …

ill make it better one day XD


Moleskine … and College

well i just thought i would update and tell you … I GOT ACCEPTED TO BOTH COLLEGES I APPLIED TO …

*Composes myself* yes … so im excited about that B) …

yes well self explained title … we’ve spoken about colleges noww … Moleskine

Ive had this moleskine diary for ages and i havent done anything with it because i never knew what to do … so now i have decided to do a sketch every other day (example: monday wednesday friday and sunday) starting next week … this should be fun … ill post pictures when i do them XD … hmmm im not sure i have much else to write except that the Theory Of A Deadman concert is on tuesday … and i must gather up a handfull of songs to sing along to … instead of standing there like a pleb going okay … hmmm … *headbangs to a song she dont know* …

ttyl x