Mellow Monday! Part 6, DPR Live – Martini Blue

DPR Live …

DPR in general as a collective is just a hub. A hub of so much creative talent its actually quite scary. I love that these talented individuals have channeled their talents to create such amazing pieces of work. From music production, visuals to the lyrics themselves. It’s art at its finest.

This song for me is just so damn catchy; the beat from the get go is just hypnotic. I love how DPR Live so seamlessly transitions from Korean to English without it sounding forced.

I wish I could just post all their songs as part of this Top 12 list, but then I wouldn’t be able to share other incredible K HipHop & R&B songs. Its tough choosing but I will add some notable mentions on the last post.

I really hope you enjoy and let me know if I should create a Spotify playlist linking all these songs.

Mellow Monday! Part 5, Crush – None

I remember a few years ago, randomly stumbling across Crush in a cover he filmed with Lydia Paek for Pusher Lover Girl and just being mesmerised by his voice and the pureness in it.

After then, I will admit, he did kind of, completely by accident, drop off my radar. That was until I heard his song Oasis with Zico and he has been a firm staple in my playlists – Sorry Crush for spending 2 years completely forgetting about you >.<

But lest we digress, today’s song is None by Crush. The big thing I love about this song is just how easy he makes you feel the lyrics he’s singing, whether you understand them or not, you feel every emotion he literally breathes into this song.

Crush could literally sing a song about peeling potatoes and I’m sure I’d still feel some type of way.

But alas, I won’t vote you much more with my ramblings. I will however be linking his Colors Session below. If you thought his voice was beautiful in the mv, it live is just insane – it’s like he ate his CD for breakfast that day.


Mellow Monday! Part 4, Woodie Gochild – Cotton Candy

This is a relatively new addition to my playlist but its such a great song, a true summer anthem. I love the creative textures in the song and Hwasa’s vocals really compliment the song.

We won’t delve deep in to the lyrics as well, I suggest googling a translation to see what I mean – I try and keep this blog PG13 by just having a smidge of bad language in here. So I think if I describe the lyrics, it may change this rating drastically haha.

I’m in awe at the fact he is literally 3 days older than me and so talented – well, in truth I’m not because apparently the talent gene has been spreading like wildfire in everyone except me. I mean I can’t even blog on time, let alone be trusted with a skill

Even though the video at times can be a bit trippy I hope you enjoy this song!

Mellow Monday! Part 3, Dean ft Syd – Love

I can promise you, that this is not the only entry from Dean in my top 12.

Dean for me is just an amazing artist and producer. His vocal range, creativity and personality are just incredible. I also love reading about his journey into music – I love the fact that the route he took wasn’t the clean cut and simple one and his body of work that has seamlessly worked its way into my life is just. Amazing.

I thought I’d put both the original version of the song on this post and the colors session. I honestly believe the above live really just showcases how beautiful his voice is and we should all appreciate him and his pure talent.

I really hope you enjoy this song and look forward to post the next one!

Mellow Monday! Part 2, Crucial Star ft. Nam Surim – It Hurts Me Too

I couldn’t find an official music video for this song so we will have to settle with a lyric video

I remember a few years ago randomly stumbling across this song and just being taken by the sound of the song – I know most of you are thinking, well no shit sherlock, all songs have sound. But Crucial stars rap with the juxtaposition against Surim’s vocals is really beautifully pieced together, the gentle nature of the chorus, and the beat change in the last minute really make this song for me.

This song is from his 2012 single Fall and the rest of his discography following this is just as good so I definitely suggest checking it out.

I hope you enjoy the song and I will be posting either tomorrow or Thursday 🙂

Mellow Monday! Part 1, Loco – Post It

Hey everyone! It’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve properly done a Mellow Monday on here. So I decided that for the next 2 weeks I will post 12 Mellow Mondays on this channel – That’s right 12. Don’t die of shock.

So the over running theme of these post will be different Korean Hip-Hop and R&B songs that I just really love and could listen to every day without fail and still love them.

Kicking things off is a true gem from Loco. The song and the music video separately hold their own. The gentleness of Loco’s vocals really give the song such a smooth vibe. And the pure creativeness present in the music video is genuinely so captivating – I’ve seen a lot of music videos which attempt to use the vertical layout, but he managed to step it up another level.

I hope you enjoy the video and I will be posting again tomorrow 🙂

Debt Update Part One

Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this. –Dave Ramsey

I know from my post I mentioned that I was going to do a quarterly update, but I’ve been a bit bogged down health wise so I haven’t really been in the right mindset for it – Also with the amount of money I have to keep throwing at prescriptions it has really scuffled my budget that I had worked out. Sadness overwhelms me.

But on to the important things, How is it all going? Well truth be told it hasn’t really. Other than almost paying off my two of my low balance credit cards, I have the two ‘big ones’ to tackle and my loan, I don’t feel as if I have made much progress. The only substantial thing I think I have accomplished is balance transferring the majority of my credit card debt onto another credit card with an interest-free period. This allows me to have the breathing space to pay the debt off without the impending fear of interest creeping up on me.

Fact: A balance transfer is effectively ‘moving’ the debt to another provider which may have a lower interest rate, this means that the overall amount you pay back in interest isn’t as suffocating. Some credit card providers also give you an interest-free period in which the only amount you pay back is the money you owe. Of course this is subject to what you are offered and in the terms and conditions of the card – but for the majority as long as you are making your minimums you should benefit for the full term of the interest-free period!

It is a tad embarrassing sitting down with your parent and being 100% honest about the numbers and just seeing the pure shock mixed with disappointment on their face. Getting to this point wasn’t intentional but getting out of it is the main goal.

Personally I want to get to a stage in my life whereby I am able to do the things I enjoy without seeing how it is going to break the bank – some of the things I’m looking forward to is saving to complete some courses to gain a qualification in finance and to save for driving lessons. Story time – I did complete the majority of my driving lessons when I worked on the bar, but my instructor ‘disappeared’ before I could complete the last few hours I had paid for. Then life got in the way and tad-ah we are still not driving haha.

I’ll do another finance update in a couple of months when I have managed to tackle the next credit card – it is looking very promising to have that done within the next 3 months!

One last note, i’m still considering uploading a ‘vlog’ type video soon, but I feel like I need to look a little less bedraggled but whatever is making me sick!

Speak soon and let me know if any of you are in the process of tackling debt. I’d love to know how you are getting along!

Museum trips in Amsterdam!

Something I found really calming whilst on holiday was visiting the museums. The above is from the Rijksmuseum and I have to say, it was just incredible to experience it.

The exhibits were really interesting – the layout and the vast expanse of them. I also enjoyed the app available which allowed you to have your own walking tour through the museum – it also meant that you could view more information about each room just by entering the code for the exhibit.

Something I really want to get into more is visiting the museums available in London. I’ve been to quite a few since I was little but I never really appreciated them for what they were worth. The rich history available at our finger tips is actually quite mind-blowing.

Another place you should visit, even if you don’t get to go because of the demand is Anne Frank’s House. Having Jewish heritage in my family has allowed me to understand an element of the history through family stories and just general chats with my grandparents. But seeing this house in the flesh was awe-inspiring. Knowing that the journal of a young Jewish girl during the war, would become something people read, empathise and just feel is amazing.

The house was so popular the queue was extremely long and sold out the majority of our trip. Plus I couldn’t get a picture outside without people in haha

Before I go I will say this, if you find yourself in Amsterdam, please visit the Rijksmuseum and Micropia! Micropia is a microbiology museum and its really fun and interactive.

We did plan to visit the sex museum, the torture museum and the museum of prostitution, but we ran out of time. But these are also very interesting and I was gutted we missed them but it just gives me more reason to go back!

The silent library was utterly breath-taking.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what museums are your favourite!

Blog from the boat

Blog from the boat

I’m currently on a girl’s trip to Amsterdam for my cousin’s birthday and I’ve been trying to get the motivation to blog since we got here but I’ve been unsuccessful – mixture of the heat and just general tiredness catching up with me after long hours of work. But this boat ride around the city learning about the city and its culture has really helped. We have 2 days left here after today and I have a handful of days at home but I’ll probably start to schedule posts when I’m back. I’ll go into a lot more detail about my holiday and post some pictures as well.

I feel more refreshed, but dreading going back to work. I’m just not all in it right now, but im starting a temporary new role when I’m back so maybe it’ll get better.

We shall see.

Mellow Monday! Jay Park – V

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the super delayed post. I’ve been quite ill and just focusing a lot on work so I haven’t had much time to do anything.

But I’ve decided to take some time to really focus on the things I love and want to do, and this is one of them! I know it doesn’t seem like it, considering I’m constantly flitting in and out of posting. But I really love producing content for others to read and discuss. There are going to be a few new posts coming up over the next few weeks, one namely the finance update for my year of development, also some practices I’ve taken up in my spare time.

But! Back to the post at hand, the Mellow Monday! Today’s song of choice is V by Jay Park. I recently watched the YouTube docuseries about Jay Park and it really let people see Jay as a human and someone who really works hard in his career. It really outlined his struggles as an Asian American in both the American and Asian markets, and all the feats he has accomplished over this time. It also has a lot of wise words from some notable artist like Dumbfoundead, Far East Movement, Dok2, Simon Dominic, and Loco to name a few. It’s a sure fire watch for anyone interested, so I definitely suggest checking it out.

The song V for me is just a really feel good song and puts me in a good mood every time I listen to it – it gives me real summer vibes! Plus the 1 Million dance cover was immaculate, YooJung Lee and KooSung Jung did such a good job with it.

I’ll end this post now, and I’ll leave a link below for the docuseries’ trailer. I’ll post at some point this week.

Happy Bank holiday for readers in the UK, and have great weeks everyone x