I dont know why … But im awake … At 5am … Hmph

Its really difficult trying to take myself seriously today after eating farley’s rusks an baby milk … but i am serious enough to blog at 5am … Which to me on any other day is a bit far off!!! Its not like i have to wake up in 5-6 hours, shower, wash my hair, revise and then head to Biffy Clyro but what the hey … This is my priority right now.

So ummmm what shall we talk about


*light bulb*

So this friday is my birthday … it is pivotal like to a tee the most important thing this week B) … I mean like seriously I’m turning 17 finally … Tbh i never really saw myself as young – and innocent minded, pure flower, untainted by modern societies floors – pure i am but i only wish to the Good Lord of ice cream and fish stick sandwiches that i am innocent minded … Legit 20 minutes ago before autumn passed out i was discussing names of the pornos we would direct, who would star in them and suggestive plot lines … If that is innocent then … Well just then.

But back on subject … This friday (I’m not sure if i wrote a post with this in but i cannot be asked to look back and my memory is shit so we will pretend i didn’t) – this friday will consist of drinking, more drinking, birthday challenges and lots of hugging … Im kinda looking forward to finally having a biggish get together with my college and secondary school friends … God only knows how much i have missed them šŸ™

But yeah another thing … April is such a shit busy month … With Biffy today it is also my ginger pube faced guy Connor’s birthday … Love that guy, then we have Canterbury, TDCC gig, Edwin’s, Daleel’s/Delilah’s and myself’s birthday … And Fran’s and said ex-friend who should move on with life … (I don’t hate her but she is working for something !!! *angry face*)

Well i can safely say that pictures ofc will be uploaded of friday and i may link my keek for you to catch some drunken keek videos hehe but yeah niiiiight bloggie xxx

Don’t hate me forever if i forget to upload again ;;) xxx <3


Umm i realised 5am blogging is shit as my grammar and all is off so i came back and edited it … Ill review Biffy later xx


Rolling Around The Interspace of Modern Society and Technology Doing Whimsical Things … This Is The Life !!

well, I’m here, I’m queer and ready for bingo … wait that isn’t right … but any who I’m back my darling blog and id be lying if i said i missed you but I’m obliged to as well … i just am.

but as my trivially retarded and nonsical title for this … post … says, I’m doing whimsical things …. so whimsical its killing the little elves and rice crispy people under my bed šŸ˜€ *creepy smile*

*exaggerated celebration dance* The holidays hath arrived and i must say not a second to late … the next months are going to be a mind field and if i hit i bomb i fail my a-level existence T__T … exams are soon and i swear i will cry fountains if i fail … fail … fail … *sulks*

my exam timetable:

  • Monday 13th May – Philosophy Unit 1
  • Monday 13th May – English Lit
  • Friday 17th May – Philosophy Unit 2
  • Tuesday 21st May – Biology Unit 1
  • Monday 3rd June – Biology Unit 2
this may as well not even be a holiday … i have revision coming out of my ear T__T but oh well

here are a list of things i intend on achieving this holiday:

  • 4 Philosophy essays and notes
  • English coursework on ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’
  • Biology past papers, notes, mind-maps and folder making/sorting/etc
  • Anthology annotations
  • English essay on ‘The Great Gatsby’
  • Gatsby annotation
  • English revision notes made šŸ™
  • Additional reading in all subjects :'(
  • Biffy Clyro Gig šŸ˜€ <3 <3
  • My birthday and the challenges brought forth upon my person … may the lord and my many an Asian husband save me from myself (pics will follow of course, as you do when u make a fool of yourself)
  • And the inevitable hypocrisy of everyday family life …

well might as well sign off because i am stupidly tired so night … or maybe see you later …I’m feeling for a sandwich … mmmmm sandwich

February 17th 2013

( Just as a side note … the posts that claim to be updated today are old … i was just editing and it wanted to bitch around and change the update … date)

to be perfectly honest … times have been better … and ofc to being who i am i cant complain … others got it worse … I’m just tired of it all being shit … its just when people assume things that gets me …

aish … and shitty people trying to force me to travel 11 and a half miles, even after iĀ persistentlyĀ said iĀ wasn’tĀ going to do it now, iĀ haven’tĀ got the money to pay for the travel and my parents said no … you still persist and try to force me to go to a placement that wont help me get into uni to learnĀ EnglishĀ and become a teacher … AFTER you said it was optional Ā¬Ā¬ .. i believe you standing on the situation will lose your case if we went to court for this … if that makes sense and ofc i wont take you to court … well only if your paying … and even then i would have to have spare ounces of energy to waste on this …

But anywho … Half term hath arrived and god am i greatful for the extra hours of zzz’s … minus dance class tomorrow evening, the Taking Hayley Gig … and a trip out with my eonnie … im pretty choca with work and sleep … mmm sleep glorious sleep

im gonna stop writing here because i know ill type something stupid or i wont even update … night blog *sulks away*

Well … its something … and everything at once O.o

Well XD … when i first originally intended on writing this blog post it was 12.10am on Tuesday and it was gonna ask if it was too late to blog but … meh that idea went out the window but now today is Christmas and we must blog because it is on my to do list … ~(need one of those to make sure i get everything done) okay so we have a small check list to blog everything i wanna talk about *insert cool face* am organised.
well its now like 6 hours later and i have lost the list and now i don’t know what to blog T___T
and now you can see from this …. ! …. pointĀ on-wardsĀ it is now the 27th … 2 days after i started attempting to continue writing this. its hard finding the motivation to write when your whole family is over … you wanna get the balance just right from being tooo involved to being antisocial at this festive period … so i decided to hold off with writing till i had some proper space and peace and quiet so here goes … i have made another mental list about what to blog about so this post may be a bit jumpy at times switching between topics XD

okay so the first thing I’m going to talk about isss … well recently, well i say recently but i mean like last month or two we recorded some videos for our youtube, but they only went so far, we planned to do more but we could never quite get it done …. we’d either start and never finish … or plan to start and fail completely because we would get distracted … but hopefully we should do some more in the new year and I’m thinking about doing a compilation video of the clips and pictures we took from the task/challenge birthday thing … i mean it was a pivotal thing this year because i then realised how much I’m privileged to have made new and fun college friends šŸ™‚ *soppy moment over*

ummm this is difficult to think about sooo next we could talk about the yearly recap – like anything interesting acc happened for me to bore you all with but we shall start …

– Gigs – I’m not going to list them all again because in the past 2 or 3 posts i have mentioned/reviewed/spazzed about the gigs i have been to or am going to XD but i must say … the highlight gig of this year has to be Big Bang … i went to it on the 15th and OH MY CHOPSTICKS IT WAS …. FUCKING AMAZING … i mean …. pivotal moment of my life … simply because its not every gig … the fans sing the song for the band and the band gets emotional … everything about this gig was amazing …. (except for those morons complaining about standing … as i said in my tweet that time there are always going to be idiots who cant control their ‘feels’ and ‘actions’ at the time … and I’m sorry but when you purchase a standing gig ticket … its unwritten rules that your technically signing a contract saying your fucked basically … shits always gonna get abit violent … i mean come on i was dragged into a mosh pit at a bombay bicycle club gig … BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB … i mean you couldn’t get more mellow than them … well you could but I’m not going to evaluate this further … and i mean seriously guys … constant statuses complaining about ‘ahhh I’m so angry my friend got hurt’ or ‘you make us seem like bad fans’ … you can cram ’em up you ass because they ain’t gonna change their ways … your just wasting energy … i mean you act as if this is the first gig to ever have some mental moshing or semiĀ violenceĀ … i mean go to a fucking rock gig … i was concreteĀ pillaredĀ and i lost my phone and i was crushed but I’m not making constant statuses saying that i got hurt and all that mambo *insert Nillili Mambo by Block B* … its stupid … and anyways … whats a gig without some violence and pain šŸ˜‰ ) … – longest motherfucking bracket comment ever but it needed to be said …

– its going to be abysmal trying to remember what i done at the start of this year but i have to say a highlight of this year was getting my GCSEĀ results and graduating from Gladesmore …. not gonna lie i really miss Gladesmore and all my friends there šŸ™ i mean 5 years with the same faces its gonna be hard to forget them …. well most of them … some of them can go live in that small bubble their pea-sized mind has created whereby they are ALWAYS the victim to everything and everything ever done has been done to spite them … i mean its not like Ive spent about 10 years of my life around you … being a friend for you to shove it in my friend telling #me what i think i am to others … and FYI i don’t think I’m perfect or amazing but i sure as shit ain’t a bully to you … who has the time to bully you … a girl so wrapped up in bubble wrap from her family that if i were to try and hurt you physically … mentally or emotionally it would probably do jack shit to you … so enjoy life my wonderful darling and just remember … hehe … when you send me threatening and rude messages over theĀ InternetĀ when i ask you a simple yet quite frank question … think … is that not bullying and and also think … do i acc care … like really … honestly …. šŸ™‚

(i apologise for that outburst but tbh its been annoying me)

– The wall of Kerrang! has been demolished but Ive kept the covers šŸ˜€ … i mean i loved that wall … showed how sad i was but i mean … if its any consolation … my wall is full of Asians now … with the nipples up *thumbs up* … s’all goooood and anyways … everyone was scared (well except for me … i found it quite comforting) to come and sleep in my room because clowny from slipknot was smiling at them *laughs sadistically*

– starting college is another thing that’s like a highlight … i mean … Ive met some awesome people … bee invited to awesome parties … you know … the casual things XD

– its not really a highlight but i guess its something i wont be forgetting anytime soon … but i went ice skating on Christmas eve with my best friend and my eonnies … doesn’t seem like much but it was a special Christmas eve … anyone who has read my earlier posts with understand why … (tag name in the post about my friends … he is ‘the boy’ XD … i mean yeah i know jack shit is gonna happen between us … but I’m glad he is my best friend … (p.s. thanks for the money ;))

I’m not sure what else is a highlight that i haven’t mentioned before but i think I’m gonna go through some new years resolutions … get the rest of this year our of the way … because i know i will forget to blog so heres goes … making a list ill probably never complete:

– Put the bottle down … and walk away … *places beer down* *sulks* … i know its quite radical reading a 16 year old with this resolution … but i don’t have a drinking problem … well to my knowledge … but its like … parties andĀ occasionsĀ … take the lighter drinking option … plus i made a bet that if i stayed sober till summer they will give me Ā£100 so like B)

– quit chocolate … for all of you (hopefully) reading … wont exactly know the type of chocolate i mean … its not the edible stuff but its code … that we’ve used since year 9/10 … but yeah if you know what it was you would be proud that i want to quit … plus i wont be spending most of my lunch money on it every week XD …

– exercise more … like yeah i love my body XD … but like it’d be cool to lose some weight and show some biatches I’m not just a chubby bunny XD i mean its not like i don’t have anything to exercise with … its just can i be bothered … well I’m saving up for some ice skates … seeing as my college is like 5 minutes from ally pally … so a bus up when i finish college early wont harm

– READ READ READ READ …. *pauses for breath* READDDDD !! … i said this last year but yeah continuation resolution … i mean i love reading if the book grabs me but i have to persevere instead of quitting when i lose interest … like right now for the 7th of January … i meant to have read and started annotating ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hossein … but I’m … about 1 chapter in and I’m finding excuses to put the book down … T___T college is so tough

– Annyonghaesyo, Cho nun Rachel imnida <3 …. JUGULLE !!! JUGULLE !!!! O.o … i kid i kid … I'm not to sure if i romanized that correctly but ohhhwelll … i want to continue learning the wonderful language which is Korean … its acc really fun … in comparison to learning a language at school … because i have my eonnies at college who help me with it and i have a few pen pals who all teach me šŸ˜€ … B)

– … Jump on to job seekers allowance šŸ˜€ … *shy and scared giggle* … i kid but i gotta get me a job … needing some funds if i wanna be able to by my best friend a gift in return for everything … and to pay for all my gigs I’m going too (OMG OMG OMG TAKING HAYLEY GIG IN FEBRUARY WITH VIP TICKETS … I GET TO MEET THEM AND TAKE PICTURES WITH THEM AND TALK TO THEM AND LOOOOOVE THEM) *coughs and scolds self for that outburst* hehehe šŸ˜€

– write down the list of bucket … Ive had these thoughts on what i want to write on the list but the time escapes me to acc write them down … i mean yeahh … self explanatory šŸ˜€

i think those are my resolutions … many brought forward but meh i can bore you with my up and coming gig timetable šŸ˜€ :

– January 25th – The Blackout Start The Party Tour ~<3
– February 19th – Taking Hayley VIP gig <3 ….
– April 3rd – Biffy Clyroo <3
– April 27th – Two Door Cinema Club (birthday party gift mwehehe)

and more … especially if Teen-fricking-Top are coming … like i will legit … cry if i can see my Chunji … Changjo … C.A.P … and L.Joe … oh ghad !! i will cry … cry cry cry cry cry XD#

okay … I’m calm now … and to finish off … just a few of my pics taken from my insatgram (elizalilysmiles … check it peeps)

My Tartan Snood šŸ˜€ …. Snoody Snoody Snooooood

My Conceptual Sombrero … i took this at college when we dressed up for my tutor’s birthday … i of-course was Mexican and sported a wonderful eyeliner moustacheĀ 

This PIVOTAL moment … when the spelt Kai right … i mean yeah it isn’t my name but Ive been waiting for this moment … hehehe

Money and Vodka for Christmas … my family is tooo much

This is the earth … I’ve been waiting for since summer … my best friend kept forgetting it … but FINALLY i got it … has now got pride and place on my table <3

Meeee … small selca before we went ice skating … hehe … my eye make up was done by the wonderful Subiraa <3 … this girl does wonders with a eyeliner pencil

Showed Subira him during the week … i quote exactly when she says ‘the blackest Asian she has ever heard’ … Ā his songs have such meaning <3 … i loooove 'Are We There Yet', 'Cool and Calm' and 'Cell Phone'

Cheap Shots … 50p a tube … some were tasty … others … were taste bud killers XD

My morning music … and i have to say college was fun when a group of us were just drooling over the calender in it <3 … he is just so … nyahhh …. A FOR MY PANDA NAILS … which you cant see … only the A XD

this years gig tickets … minus a few <3 … best year <3

Meee out on a fake date with my eonnie Elgiva … i wonder if it was my face paint of my ridiculously short shorts that made everybody stare … imma go with the shorts šŸ˜‰

Meee … today Ā … just before blogging … it has taken me … in total … 6 fricking days to write this so … ACHIEVEMENT FOR FINISHING !!! *dances*

WELL I’M DONE … HOPE YOU HAD A MERRY CHRISTMAS … and a WONDERFUL … NEW … YEAR … Love your Local Christmas Elf Elizalilysmiles šŸ˜‰ *shhhhhhhh* <3

(p.s. My grammar … is atrocious … GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY)

… No dude … it’s a date

holy shit … ive known im a bit of a dumbass when it comes to love and common sense but when multiple of your friends say that what you have planned as an innocent meeting between twoĀ best friendsĀ isĀ in factĀ a date … you reach a new level of ‘doyyyyyy’ …

Ive never really quite understood the whole idea of a date or the concept of one but from really shitty teen movies and those upliftingly oblivious friends you come to realise what they would be seen as, feel likeĀ etc etc etc … like i would only guess its when 2 people … of mutually sensed feelings or random chance XD) go out and do stuff like movies (so overrated), arcades (sooooooo overrated), parks (mehh) or my personal favourite and choice option … feeding the homeless (people should start this XD and not just make jokes … come on guys … as the once great subira now demoted for her laugh said … juts doo it man *then bernies*) but enough of that … as im probably never gonna understand it but know … that … dates are overrated … and dont do them against you will people … stand up for your unwritten and spoken rights !!! *this suddenly became awkward as i lost my train of thought and reasoning for writing ^^ that but just know im confused about it /le sigh*

In other news … i have 3 more gigs to add to my ever growing gigs list :-

-Big Bang … Big Bang … BIG BANG BIG BANG WHOOOA YEAH … ummm *coughs* im sorry but this has been a long time coming and the ticket was hella expensive … even missing a 20th birthday party for this XD

-Biffy Clyro … biffy and i have been on such good terms ever sice their song mountains came out … loved it loved it loved it XD one of my favourite songs out their people and i hope to lord this concert is gonna be as amazing as i hope XD

and lastly – Two Door Cinema Club … this is like last years arrangements whereby my father buys me and 3 friends tickets to a gig and we go instead of some crispy, overrated drink up whereby you dont even get any alcohol and it will always end up in awkwardness when someone has tooo much to drink and you turn from the birthday girl to the sober help party … its not fun man and im acc looking forward to this gig … i know nearly all the songs off Beacon and all of Tourist History <3 … amazing albums

since my last post i went to 5 of my listed concerts and i just wanted to give a small low down about each one XD

– CNBlue … my god this concert was the best concert i have ever been too … small venue ofcourse … i found it absolutely amazing how they played a 3 and a half hour set with 2 short 5 minute breaks … with NO support acts or anything … one thing thou i would have loved if they played some of their japanese songs, like the jap version of kimio as i love that version or some of their english songs maybe XD hehe … but i also met one of the coolestĀ German-VietnameseĀ people ever !!

– The Dead Famous … wooow this gig was small venue but it packed some good tunes … i mean its not every gig you show up to an hour before the doors open and your the first and only people in the queue XD … but we did get amazing spaces to see the band … i also did love love LOVE their support band Next Time Natalie … not shamelessly promoting but you should deffo go listen to them … and follow them on twitter (search it yourself … i aint yall slave !!)

– MSI … now when i went to MSI, i was only really expecting … well acc i wasnt … i had meant to listen to them before going to this gig but i never got round to it and i thought my highlight would be just drinking in the Ā queue but when the music started playing … you just got lost in it … love all the stage stuff and his half ass full ass crack (see what i did there XD!!) and i also loved the support band for this … Taking Hayley … admittedly my friend and i were creeping on the bassist … but only slightly … and also we had the fittest, cutest, amazingest but nosey guy near us the whole gig … youĀ don’tĀ feel so weirded out by his creeping when he is good looking … so yeah that was fun XD

– The Blackout … Pre Party Tour … i have to say this was the gig i was most loking forward to out of this whole session … as one this was the day right after MSI so i still had my energy and flow from the day before … two as i love the blackout ever since i saw them support MCR in Feb 2011 … and thirdly well thirdly as its the blackout and who doesnt love sean and gavin (i have to admit the highligh was getting gavin’s crotch on my head when he crowd surfed … my god i was dazed <3) well that was until my phone got stolen but ahwell XD what can you do XD (enjoy it you toerag … its locked, blocked and well not very universally interesting … well unless you like asians and kpop and all that other coherently mentioned things – dont even know if i used that term in the right context but it sounded good XD)

– and Warped Tour … i was kindah miffed at warped tour simply because when you have a curfew to see your family and all then you pretty much miss all the good bands you wanna see … i also got really annoyed by the security last second closing the stage for Taking Hayley … when i really wanted to watch them
XD even spoke to them about it in the queue and now i feel like ive betrayed and lied to them šŸ™ but i guess the atmosphere was intense with the skating competition and the merch stalls but yeah … pretty decent … i think next year if i go ill not have prior family plans and just enjoy the whole day there XD

… im tired now and i have college in the morning so ill sign off … BIIIII and one last piece of advice i have learnt the past 2 days … if it seems to good to be true … its a date … or your jujst to high off your face to know any different … NIGHT <3 x

Starting College and Other Things

Its funny when people tell you the transition from secondary school to college is a big one but you don’t realise how big till the first day comes. I’m not gonna lieĀ IĀ was very very intimidated, even though i knew some people in Hornsey, was still very intimidating.

I think one of the biggestĀ transitionĀ if you don’t go to a sixth form by the school, so having to change schools or college. Because although the setting and time table is pretty much similar, its the meeting of new teachers who may not understand you well or have better relationships with student who they previously taught, its also the observing (wellĀ IĀ observed a lot) of the students and teachers surrounding you. You have to know who you can joke around with, who you have to act completely serious and those who will give you a heavy workload (especially seeing as these two years will be full of essays, coursework and crazy practicals).

I also think its about feeling comfortable with the people around you, it took me i think 2 maybe 3 days to feel completely comfortable and to find the people i feel will help me progress and have a good time at the same time.

I’mĀ starting to sound like a flipping patronising know-it-all about college but yeah hehe … so other notes. Recently i tweeted about all the different gigs i have been to since February 2011 … and they arrreeeee ‘Drum Roll Please’ *drums table* … *makes symbol sound to symbolise end of drum roll*

Past Gigs :-
My Chemical Romance – February 2011
iTunes Festival 2011 MCR & Evaling – July 2011
The Blackout – December 2011
December Sessions Copper Lungs – December 2011
Theory Of A Deadman – February 2012
Black Veil Brides – March 2012
Bombay Bicycle Club – April 2012
MBC Culture Festival inc. EXO-K, 4Minute, Norazo – June 2012

Future Gigs :-
CNBlue – September 2012
The Dead Famous – October 2012
Mindless SelfĀ IndulgenceĀ – October 2012
The Blackout – October 2012
Warped Tour – November 2012
The Blackout – January 2013

I’mĀ acc really excited for all the upcoming gigs I’m going to, yes there are 2 The Blackout gigs … but what canĀ IĀ say … you gotta love those welsh rockers … first on the gig stop CN-FRICKING-BLUE <3 …omgĀ IĀ cant believeĀ IĀ acc got a ticket for this because they were quite expensive for a small scale gig and because I'm not to sure this will happen again any time in the near future … butĀ IĀ think Ā£51 pounds is a reasonable high price for this gig.

On calculation i have spent approximately Ā£185.50 pounds (not including the money me and Chez has split on the tickets) … no wonder I’m flipping broke.

But yeah I’m going to sign off from this post but I’m going to shamelessly promote my fathers new blog, he does a lot of short rants about the news or things that annoy him, so far he has no posts but soon it will be up and running (thanks to yours truly šŸ˜€ ) so yeah check it out once he starts posting šŸ™‚ thankiees


Biii <3



theseeee pictures are a mix … choice selection from when i went to the MBC Korean Culture Festival, Last day of school, Saodat (my turkmenistan friend’s) last hanging with us, even pics from the BVB Concert


Sorry Sorry, for the amount but i thought why not, ALL PICTURES are my own and are original, and plus if you do decide to look at them … there are 171 šŸ˜› xx … ttyl

Bombay Bicycle Club <3<3<3

ahhh honestly yesterday was flipping immense … Bombay bicycle club concert yesterday was like touchingly the best gig i have been too … via music choice wise and overall experience … along with 7 friends we just arrived after the doors opened to be searched for food and drink … but obvs hoods arent a problem as we were able to successfully enter a pack of peach rings, orange bagged skittles and a twix … after getting thoroughly agitated because the security guy there gave my mates the wrong directions we finally entered the main hall where the gig twere to be held … we located a fine spot near the stage and sat down on the floor waiting for the first act to get on …

the first act Rae Morries … i believe from what the acts after her said … aloof the noise of fans chitchatting she was an very good act … her songs were meaningful and her voice was acc extremely amazing … it had this husky tone when she spoke which gave her this uniqueness in comparison to many i have heard speak

the second support act Leanne La Havas was flipping exceptional … her voices was amazing, her songs were absolutely touching and very meaningful … when she played her upcoming song i soon realised that i had heard her before and then realised it was her album i was planning on buying when it is released in July …

and finally Bombay Bicycle Club … we were in a state of confusion when the placed up this black curtain which wasn’t very curtainy in the factor we could see through it … but this all can into knowledge when then started the set when they had a light design shone onto it to get us in the feel for the first song, How can you swallow so much sleep … as we continued through the set we heard classics like Always Like This, Evening/Morning, Lights Out Words Gone, and Still … with an encore song of Shuffle
yeahh soo this is my analysis of the gig … well the music part … there was a point were the whole of standing nearly toppled over onto the floor, and they still managed to violently mosh to BBC but much to our amusement this jumping around meant talking to new people as we were all apologising to each other for standing on each others feet … also sharing one small bag of skittles between 10 people an being told by a drunk guy he loves you for some twix i mean a good gig in my view

soo I’m guessing i have said all i have to say about yesterday … well that can be written for the public and fanily who read this to see … sooo ta ta blogglings and hope you have gad a fab weekend like i have xx

Moleskine … and College

well i just thought i would update and tell you … I GOT ACCEPTED TO BOTH COLLEGES I APPLIED TO …

*Composes myself* yes … so im excited about that B) …

yes well self explained title … we’ve spoken about colleges noww … Moleskine

Ive had this moleskine diary for ages and i havent done anything with it because i never knew what to do … so now i have decided to do a sketch every other day (example: monday wednesday friday and sunday) starting next week … this should be fun … ill post pictures when i do them XD … hmmm im not sure i have much else to write except that the Theory Of A Deadman concert is on tuesday … and i must gather up a handfull of songs to sing along to … instead of standing there like a pleb going okay … hmmm … *headbangs to a song she dont know* …

ttyl x

Blogglings … hiii :)

dear blog (always wanted to start like that for some unknown reason),

anyways … on the 21st december in 2010 i done a post about things you dont know about me …. i was thinking of doing another one so i am working on the list …

in other news, we were meant to go to an acoustic gig at this church with fealress vampire killers and 2 other bands but we cant because in order to get anything done this holiday we have to compromise … and also aunt flow has come to visit me so i dont think ill be much fun XD or a chezan puts it ‘the red moon tide’

okay so Gig Update Time :

minusing todays failage at life we havvvvvvvve

– Theory Of A Dead Man – 28th February 2012
– Black Veil Brides – 30th March 2012
– Steel Panther – 31st March 2012
– Bombay Bicycle Club – 28th April 2012

And more soon to come …

with the addition of a great family meal on the 5th and Paintballing on the 7th of April… the month between the 30th March and 30th April … obviously coz i was born and all of the above our my birthday CELEBRATIONS *dances to celebrate good times comeon … by i think the beegees (however you spell it) *
and before you say anything i know 28th February isnt in my time frame BUT IT STILL COUNTS … another reason that time frame is special because my Bestfriend’s birthday is on the 29th and i want to get him another pressie so shhhh šŸ˜‰

anywhoo ive got to go and make myself some food XD coz it doesnt just magic itself up u know XD … Taa tAA xx