Hi there!

Glad to see you found or stumbled across my blog okay enough, and thank you for wanting to find out more about me. My name is Rachel aka elizalilysmiles. It’s lovely to meet you. I feel like I have amended this into a million times as I grow as a person and still don’t think it’s perfect, but less we digress.

I’m a 20 something with a love for the arts, old and present. I can hold a decent enough conversation, I don’t smell and I have no clue with what I am doing with my life.

My blog, I will be honest with you, is a bit of a mess. This blog doesn’t have one clear direction to it – I blog about a multitude of different topics from music to lifestyle. I know some may find that annoying or confusing but it’s the best representation of my thought process and life. I would consider myself a very open minded and intrigued individual – I live to hear other’s perspectives on things like religion, philosophy, book theories, all the way to music and film.

I hope you enjoy my blog and comment where you feel necessary.

Have fun!

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  1. Thank you for following my blog. I am also a college drop out. Well I didn’t drop out so much as I changed my major, to many times to remember and now I am writing a blog to support my novel. Have you ever tried karaoke? I am awful and it’s super fun. I appreciate your feedback and any blogging experiences that stand out as helpful.

      1. I felt that! Are you bad? I am not good, but I used to bartend on a karaoke night and man it was fun, but some people were awful and some people were awesome. I do Tracy Chapman. You?

      2. When I learned that it was a karaoke night, I was so bummed out. Then, it grew on me. Kinda like the blogging thing. Thank you for responding. Ni Ni and tomorrow is a new day.

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