Hi there! Glad to see you found or stumbled across my blog okay enough, and thanks for wanting to find out more about me. My name is Rachel aka ElizaLilySmiles – That’s the alias I blog under by the way, but I’m guessing you assumed that already.

I’m not your typical girl, I mean I have some ambitions but not normal ones (I want to own that cheese board, that amazing one you can personalise). I have an exceedingly active and disturbing imagination, that has come in handy when writing stories in my spare time. Although I’m not the best at it, art and photography are some of my passions. I enjoy reading, writing, and composing songs and poetry.

College drop-out, but I still have a keen interest of literature. Ex-Philosophy student (but major ‘fan-girl’ of the field) with a pet hate for Immanuel Kant for his constant yet consistent appearances across may strands of philosophy; David Hume for his figure-it-out-yourself conclusion to ‘The Missing Shade of Blue’ theory he posed; and Plato and Aristotle for inevitably wasting time arguing and hating each other even though the ended up near enough on the same page.

I listen to nearly every genre of music, being open-minded about it too. I enjoy attending gigs and reviewing them for my own person appreciation.

This blog is basically my thoughts, feelings, and odd brainwaves’ stomping ground.

Have fun ❤

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Angie says:

    Thank you for following my blog. I am also a college drop out. Well I didn’t drop out so much as I changed my major, to many times to remember and now I am writing a blog to support my novel. Have you ever tried karaoke? I am awful and it’s super fun. I appreciate your feedback and any blogging experiences that stand out as helpful.

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