New Job, New Bedding, New Notebooks

So, I’m going to pre-apologise for going completely awol during my Mellow Monday posts. I know I had 2 left to go but a lot happened and I kind of got super distracted.

As the title suggests, I did get a new job, and for the last few months it’s been a mixture of preparing to leave my last job, having a few days off and then starting my new job – I’ve been employed now for 2 monthss, mini celebration. I know its really early doors, but I’m really enjoying this new challenge and chapter in my life.

So couple of updates for you all:

– I’ve bought more furniture and bedding for my room because I’m a complete mess and love to spend money to cheer myself up and to compensate for my lack of friends in the social realm

– I’ve really been focusing on organising my finances and getting to grips with my budget. I really need to work out how I intend to support my current lifestyle; hint: I gotta stop buying random things and really focus on saving. I will expand more on this in a future post once I’ve worked out the logistics

– I quit smoking (except for a few occasions but I’m still working out my coping mechanisms for dealing with life issues – I’m not a very vocal problem person in general. But let’s not delve too much into that because it will take a hell of a long time to explain)

– After taking a very long hard look at myself in my local mirror, i.e. the bathroom mirror, I decided that I really just needed to cut the crap and focus on getting healthy. I’m really focusing on just looking healthy, not trying to find my soulmate kind of attractive haha. So I’ve been trying to eat less chocolate, drink less alcohol and cut fizzy drinks out

I’m planning to properly return to blogging on a more frequent schedule in the new year – I’ve got a few life things to sort out and a whole list of goals to organise before getting my head down. There have been discussions again into potentially incorporating video and audio elements to us as technically a brand, but nothing is set in stone.

I’m currently on a work trip to Belgium and thought whilst I wait for my colleagues to congregate for dinner, I’ll utilise the ample time I’ve been left with to think and blog haha.

My next post, not that many people will notice, will be in the new year where I’ll do a year analysis and set some plausible goals for 2020. I can give you a sneak peek that I failed somewhat this year with my finance goal, but it will be a front runner in 2020’s intentions.

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