Mellow Monday! Part 10, Dumbfoundead – Water

I have posted about Dumbfoundead quite a while ago for a Mellow Monday and I had to squeeze him in. I know some people might argue he isn’t technically in the ‘Korean Hip Hop’ category but oh well.

The whole Foreigner album for me was great, I loved how this album was an exploration towards his Korean heritage. As someone who would be considered an outlier, I thought this album was a great bridge to potential Korean fans.

This song has quite a hypnotic element through the hook and G.Soul’s vocals really add to this song and give it a new dynamic!

I would also suggest checking out his youtube channel and podcast series ‘Fun With Dumb’ aptly named after his ’09 album. Its such a fun and entertaining podcast series with some amazing guests on there, from Jay Park, Wax, Ph-1 to GroovyRoom.

Because I wrote so much about Old Boy Jon, I won’t this time haha. But I really hope you enjoy and check out his other music – he has an insane way of expressing himself and I think you will find something you really love!

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