Mellow Monday! Part 6, DPR Live – Martini Blue

DPR Live …

DPR in general as a collective is just a hub. A hub of so much creative talent its actually quite scary. I love that these talented individuals have channeled their talents to create such amazing pieces of work. From music production, visuals to the lyrics themselves. It’s art at its finest.

This song for me is just so damn catchy; the beat from the get go is just hypnotic. I love how DPR Live so seamlessly transitions from Korean to English without it sounding forced.

I wish I could just post all their songs as part of this Top 12 list, but then I wouldn’t be able to share other incredible K HipHop & R&B songs. Its tough choosing but I will add some notable mentions on the last post.

I really hope you enjoy and let me know if I should create a Spotify playlist linking all these songs.

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