Mellow Monday! Part 4, Woodie Gochild – Cotton Candy

This is a relatively new addition to my playlist but its such a great song, a true summer anthem. I love the creative textures in the song and Hwasa’s vocals really compliment the song.

We won’t delve deep in to the lyrics as well, I suggest googling a translation to see what I mean – I try and keep this blog PG13 by just having a smidge of bad language in here. So I think if I describe the lyrics, it may change this rating drastically haha.

I’m in awe at the fact he is literally 3 days older than me and so talented – well, in truth I’m not because apparently the talent gene has been spreading like wildfire in everyone except me. I mean I can’t even blog on time, let alone be trusted with a skill

Even though the video at times can be a bit trippy I hope you enjoy this song!

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