Museum trips in Amsterdam!

Something I found really calming whilst on holiday was visiting the museums. The above is from the Rijksmuseum and I have to say, it was just incredible to experience it.

The exhibits were really interesting – the layout and the vast expanse of them. I also enjoyed the app available which allowed you to have your own walking tour through the museum – it also meant that you could view more information about each room just by entering the code for the exhibit.

Something I really want to get into more is visiting the museums available in London. I’ve been to quite a few since I was little but I never really appreciated them for what they were worth. The rich history available at our finger tips is actually quite mind-blowing.

Another place you should visit, even if you don’t get to go because of the demand is Anne Frank’s House. Having Jewish heritage in my family has allowed me to understand an element of the history through family stories and just general chats with my grandparents. But seeing this house in the flesh was awe-inspiring. Knowing that the journal of a young Jewish girl during the war, would become something people read, empathise and just feel is amazing.

The house was so popular the queue was extremely long and sold out the majority of our trip. Plus I couldn’t get a picture outside without people in haha

Before I go I will say this, if you find yourself in Amsterdam, please visit the Rijksmuseum and Micropia! Micropia is a microbiology museum and its really fun and interactive.

We did plan to visit the sex museum, the torture museum and the museum of prostitution, but we ran out of time. But these are also very interesting and I was gutted we missed them but it just gives me more reason to go back!

The silent library was utterly breath-taking.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what museums are your favourite!

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