Mellow Monday! Part 7, Punchnello – Blue Hawaii ft Crush & PENOMECO

This for me, is one of those forever chilling songs – If that makes any sense at all.

The mixture of Punchnello’s fast and sharp rapping, a splash of PENOMECO in the bridge coupled with Crush’s smooth vocals on the chorus really makes for some easy and generally great listening.

I’m really happy Jay signed Punchnello to AOMG at the start of the year, I really think he will be able to really tap further into his creativity.

I hope you enjoy this song and do check the rest of his discography and other songs found on his ‘Ordinary’ EP!


Mellow Monday! Part 6, DPR Live – Martini Blue

DPR Live …

DPR in general as a collective is just a hub. A hub of so much creative talent its actually quite scary. I love that these talented individuals have channeled their talents to create such amazing pieces of work. From music production, visuals to the lyrics themselves. It’s art at its finest.

This song for me is just so damn catchy; the beat from the get go is just hypnotic. I love how DPR Live so seamlessly transitions from Korean to English without it sounding forced.

I wish I could just post all their songs as part of this Top 12 list, but then I wouldn’t be able to share other incredible K HipHop & R&B songs. Its tough choosing but I will add some notable mentions on the last post.

I really hope you enjoy and let me know if I should create a Spotify playlist linking all these songs.

Mellow Monday! Part 5, Crush – None

I remember a few years ago, randomly stumbling across Crush in a cover he filmed with Lydia Paek for Pusher Lover Girl and just being mesmerised by his voice and the pureness in it.

After then, I will admit, he did kind of, completely by accident, drop off my radar. That was until I heard his song Oasis with Zico and he has been a firm staple in my playlists – Sorry Crush for spending 2 years completely forgetting about you >.<

But lest we digress, today’s song is None by Crush. The big thing I love about this song is just how easy he makes you feel the lyrics he’s singing, whether you understand them or not, you feel every emotion he literally breathes into this song.

Crush could literally sing a song about peeling potatoes and I’m sure I’d still feel some type of way.

But alas, I won’t vote you much more with my ramblings. I will however be linking his Colors Session below. If you thought his voice was beautiful in the mv, it live is just insane – it’s like he ate his CD for breakfast that day.


Mellow Monday! Part 4, Woodie Gochild – Cotton Candy

This is a relatively new addition to my playlist but its such a great song, a true summer anthem. I love the creative textures in the song and Hwasa’s vocals really compliment the song.

We won’t delve deep in to the lyrics as well, I suggest googling a translation to see what I mean – I try and keep this blog PG13 by just having a smidge of bad language in here. So I think if I describe the lyrics, it may change this rating drastically haha.

I’m in awe at the fact he is literally 3 days older than me and so talented – well, in truth I’m not because apparently the talent gene has been spreading like wildfire in everyone except me. I mean I can’t even blog on time, let alone be trusted with a skill

Even though the video at times can be a bit trippy I hope you enjoy this song!

Mellow Monday! Part 3, Dean ft Syd – Love

I can promise you, that this is not the only entry from Dean in my top 12.

Dean for me is just an amazing artist and producer. His vocal range, creativity and personality are just incredible. I also love reading about his journey into music – I love the fact that the route he took wasn’t the clean cut and simple one and his body of work that has seamlessly worked its way into my life is just. Amazing.

I thought I’d put both the original version of the song on this post and the colors session. I honestly believe the above live really just showcases how beautiful his voice is and we should all appreciate him and his pure talent.

I really hope you enjoy this song and look forward to post the next one!

Mellow Monday! Part 2, Crucial Star ft. Nam Surim – It Hurts Me Too

I couldn’t find an official music video for this song so we will have to settle with a lyric video

I remember a few years ago randomly stumbling across this song and just being taken by the sound of the song – I know most of you are thinking, well no shit sherlock, all songs have sound. But Crucial stars rap with the juxtaposition against Surim’s vocals is really beautifully pieced together, the gentle nature of the chorus, and the beat change in the last minute really make this song for me.

This song is from his 2012 single Fall and the rest of his discography following this is just as good so I definitely suggest checking it out.

I hope you enjoy the song and I will be posting either tomorrow or Thursday 🙂

Mellow Monday! Part 1, Loco – Post It

Hey everyone! It’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve properly done a Mellow Monday on here. So I decided that for the next 2 weeks I will post 12 Mellow Mondays on this channel – That’s right 12. Don’t die of shock.

So the over running theme of these post will be different Korean Hip-Hop and R&B songs that I just really love and could listen to every day without fail and still love them.

Kicking things off is a true gem from Loco. The song and the music video separately hold their own. The gentleness of Loco’s vocals really give the song such a smooth vibe. And the pure creativeness present in the music video is genuinely so captivating – I’ve seen a lot of music videos which attempt to use the vertical layout, but he managed to step it up another level.

I hope you enjoy the video and I will be posting again tomorrow 🙂