Being sick

The feature photo is sponsored by My Window Sill. Full of plants you can forget about and a layer of dust more stable than my future.

Being sick sucks. My chest hurts. My past time of smoking has been cut to 1 pull and I’m done. I can’t breathe without sounding like I’ve run a marathon. And my body aches like I’ve done 7 rounds at the gym.

But being sick has it’s pros:

  • I made a plan of how the blog will run on a monthly basis
  • I am binge watching Insecure on sky box sets – the soundtrack is amazing
  • I finished 3 books taking me to 24 – I know 50 was my goal but I feel like I can still make it
  • I’ve created a Rachel sized mold in my bed which is quite cozy

I’m trying to make the best of laying here.

Let’s hope I get well soon

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