Spoken or visual?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about reviving and rejuvenating, to a degree, this space. I want to add a spoken or visual element. I did in my younger days experiment with being a YouTuber. However, in my honest opinion, it didn’t go too great. Our videos were much to be desired and very childish – but I liked our efforts. I will give us that. It was cute while it lasted but hell if I remembered the passwords to those accounts, those videos would just disappear.

I contemplated trying a video in the latter days of April, but my face was and is having a breakout, and I can’t put you guys through that. Plus I don’t think I have the creative bounds to cut a video together nicely – I watch many different Vloggers, and I’m always envious of the skills they possess.

Something we have been considering, a lot actually, is potentially linking a podcast to this blog. My cousin, who comes from the warm sunny climates of Barbados, told me the last time she came down to visit, that she thinks I have the voice for radio or a podcast and a knack for story telling. But it’s still, in the optimistic, creative stages, so don’t get your hopes up too high!

I’m also in the process of persuading another friend to join us on this blogging adventure! It’s coming up to 9 years of blogging for me across different platforms and I can’t say I’m the best at it. So I feel having another brain in the mix will help. Plus she is one amazing human being and such a way with words. She’s just incredible.

But I’m tangenting again.

I will keep you updated on whatever decision we make. Myself and Arianna are going to meet up soon and discuss the idea and see how we feel and what direction it will go – considering this blog is a mess. I mean I’ve had this blog for years now, and I couldn’t tell you what this thing even is.

I’m going to now delude myself into believing I will start prepping some posts for posting, but I will be honest, it took me a whole week to finish this post. And I’m feeling to watch more trash TV in bed.

We shall see.


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