New segment

So I'm the midst of procrastinating revision, I have decided on a new segment for this blog. It's called Quite of The Day!

I know it's not creative as hell but such is life. I find some really interesting quotes about identity in the most random of places throughout the day and I jot them on my memo pad. But since posting about my Saturday blues, I decided that they were worthy enough of sharing with you all.

These will be posted every Wednesday starting this Wednesday coming. I know I've tried committing to ideas before and look where it gets us – I feel like a serial liar to you all every time I post and give myself a schedule. My brain has this subconscious trait, that when I commit to doing something, I automatically find reasons not to stick with it.

We shall see how this goes haha!

I guess if I don't post before Wednesday that I'll see you then. I'll also let you know how my test goes tomorrow!



Saturday Blues

Saturday Blues

I’m not sure why but today just seems to be dragging on – I’ve spent literally hours studying about the financial service and I can easily say my brain has died.

I’m only revising as I have an exam Monday and I kind of don’t want to fail. I mean hopefully I will pass and  can sleep easy knowing it wasn’t for nothing, but my brain could literally just go through a fart phase and not work. High possibilities on both.

So I recently found out that I’m vitamin D deficit. It really isn’t a surprise, I mean I avoid the sun like it’s the plague.

This post is super short today. Just wanted to share the feature picture with you. I took it a few weeks ago and it just makes me happy looking at it. No one judge me its been a very, very long day.

I’ll write soon hopefully.