Letters to myself

In order to stay calm and somewhat ‘less judgemental’ to everything in my life, I write letters to myself.

It all started about a year and a half ago. I was going through some really self-destructive things, depression and insomniac episodes. I had a little blue book I used to write some really dark things in just to get them off my chest.

Then I started seeing a counsellor who basically advised me to keep writing things down just so I didn’t have to think of them constantly, which in turn would hopefully help me get some sleep. I created someone to address my letters to, their name is ‘L’. Aptly named for many reasons – My surname, Deathnote and Infinite. And I would just tell them things that were bothering me, things that I was happy about and just life in general as if they were a separate person to me. Then I would seal them up, number them and place them in my draw.

Even though I have managed to put that chapter of my life somewhat behind me, I still write to myself. Keeps me sane. In my job I speak constantly to people, and they tell me their problems, so much so I don’t really have a moment to myself to think about things I do. So when I get home my mind is filled with an abundance of things – menial things but thing none the less.

If anyone needs an outlet for thoughts, I do suggest this technique. Even if it isn’t letters per say, having a little book to just throw things in really alleviates mental pressure.

It always brings space for creativity – I mean I wrote a poem about apples at 3am once because my ‘relationship’ with them bothered me deeply. But enough of that. I’m going to end this here. If anyone tries this method, let me know in the comments how it goes for you and if it helped.


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