The Unspoken Reality

Hi guys,

This post is pretty randomly placed – I’ve scheduled a few to plip up through the coming days but I’ve decided to share something for you guys. So a good friend of mine has recently started up a new blog that I think you should all check out. She has decided to remain anonymous with this, which is fine – I mean the main reason this blog is called elizalilysmiles is because it isn’t my name and I didn’t want people to know about it.

She has told me she wants to write about things that not many people want to talk about on a regular basis – some things funny, some things sad, and some things that just make you wanna tear your eyes out.

She is an insanely creative person and I’m excited to share this with you all. I’ve known her for years now and I’ve been waiting for her to do this for ages.

So here is the link to her first post and she hasn’t started off lightly – discussing autism and ADHD from the perspective of a sibling to someone who has it.

Enjoy guys and shower her with some love. She is always willing to get creative criticism and pointers here and there.

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