January Recap with a Mellow Monday on the side


Hai Guys,

I know I haven’t even done my year review – let’s just agree that I blogged a lot more than the year before, I had some long and unexplainable hiatus’, I added 2 features to the blog (one of which I completely forgot existed). But we shall ensue with the January Recap ^.^

Favourite Game

Since purchasing, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Gravity Rush 2. I spoke briefly about the game in my recent gamer tag post, but I tell you its such a pleasing game. Visually, storyline wise and just in general. It’s a good follow-up to the first game and I’m excited to see how it progresses further.

Favourite Song – Mini Mellow Monday

This song is absolutely mesmerising. With my first listen I was hooked. This collaboration is just *applauds*. I can’t really say much just the vocals in this are sultry, Tablo’s rap is mellow and everything is just right. I like the fact that this is just a pure song, from start to finish. Seeing Tablo’s snapchat with a Quincy Jones seal of approval on this song. #MusicHasNoColour

Favourite Drink

If any of you know me personally, you’ll know every morning before I go into work I pop next door to Starbucks and get my compulsory drink. And my current favourite is a Soy Green Tea Latte – Don’t judge me but this drink is my shit first thing. But I will say this, sometimes certain staff make it with too much powder and then its just a mug of bitterness and sadness.

Favourite Book

I’ll have to pluralise this because I’m actually reading the Halfskin series by Tony Bertauski. I love his writing, like through and through – he could write a story about a dog chilling in the garden and I’ll still probably read it. I’m currently reading a new one of his books parallel to this series but it technically isn’t released yet but it is amazing guys. Check him out and subscribe to him because he’s just a lovely man who does a lot of giveaways.

Favourite Anime

I have 2 for this category. The first one is ‘Say “I Love You”‘. It was such a cute anime about a shy and naïve girl who manages to sway to heart of the local heart-throb of the school, his attempts to court her, and then the trials and tribulations of their relationship. As I said before, it is a very cute anime. I admit, very cringey at times but so is most things.

The second is ‘Hourou Musuko: Wandering Son’. It’s about a young boy who sees himself as a girl, his journey and all the people he meets in his new school. The concept is very much the thing that brought me to watching this anime – I have many friends who are transitioning and it’s just interesting to see other’s take on the who process. The design is visually pleasing and it’s just very adorable.

Favourite Manga

‘Love Theory’, from the first chapter, I was in tears. I say no more haha.

I’ll think up more things for next month. I didn’t really buy much this month so I couldn’t tell you my favourite purchases and all of that associated with spending money on non-edible items. I’m considering attaching some vlogs to this space, but it’s just a thought.

Enjoy ^.^


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