Mellow Monday! Honourable Mention

I know I did a mini Mellow Monday in my January recap post, but I do feel like I need to do an honourable mention to a song.

So I know not many of you will know this band well but 2NE1 were one of those cornerstone groups in k-pop. They paved the way for many groups that followed them, they had a extremely large fanbase, and a catalogue of incredible songs.

This song marks their break up as a band, it’s a very simple song but a very touching one – I mean many fans were broken when Minzy left, and then to hear that they were calling it a night.

I shan’t add too much because the song speaks for itself. Enjoy guys.


January Recap with a Mellow Monday on the side


Hai Guys,

I know I haven’t even done my year review – let’s just agree that I blogged a lot more than the year before, I had some long and unexplainable hiatus’, I added 2 features to the blog (one of which I completely forgot existed). But we shall ensue with the January Recap ^.^

Favourite Game

Since purchasing, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Gravity Rush 2. I spoke briefly about the game in my recent gamer tag post, but I tell you its such a pleasing game. Visually, storyline wise and just in general. It’s a good follow-up to the first game and I’m excited to see how it progresses further.

Favourite Song – Mini Mellow Monday

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