Gamer Tag – The rewind edition (This just got real)

Hai guys, Leaf is back with a revamped post of my Gamer-tag from 2 years ago. I’m so excited for this because a lot has changed since the first one I done. I hope you enjoy and any comment or opinions I would love to hear your thoughts:

1. How long have you been playing video games for?

I have been playing video games since I could for memories. I may not have been playing story heavy games since I was little but I did enjoy a bit of Pokémon Stadium on the N64 with my brother.

2. What game have you clocked the most hours into?

This was Assassin’s Creed 2 up until a year ago. I bought myself a PSVita to play some jrpgs my dad had bought and not been able to trade in, and the game I have now clock neo 90 hours, is Persona 4 Golden. I fricking love this game so much. The storyline I amazing and very unique. I’m working towards getting the golden ending which I believe is about 15-20 hours more than the original run through.

3. What’s your longest gaming session?

My longest gaming session was for Persona 4 and it consisted of me waking up around 2pm and playing, all the way through my journey to work for 5pm, then all throughout the gig and club night due to a very dead cloakroom shift, and then all the way home till I slept the next day at 8pm (if anyone has read my blog before, you’ll know I suffer with insomnia so my sleeping was pretty much no existent around this time).

4. What is your current favourite game?

Current favourite game is Gravity Rush 2. I got it for a steal at £20 because my dad let me use his trade in credits to get money off. It’s a good play through plus it gives me an excuse to replay the first game alongside this one. I appreciate the story telling method, somewhat comic elements in the conversations and cut scenes, and Kat is just a great character to play. And who knows I might have my Halloween character chosen already.

5. What is your favourite video game genre?

I am very much a fan of JRPGs because I just love the characters and the development they have, throughout Persona 4 you’re building your characters traits and relationships which makes for interesting choices throughout the game. I do still like historic based action/adventure games but I haven’t played many recently.

6. Favourite video game developer?

Altus and Nintendo EPD. Won’t say much but you can probably guess why these two specifically.

7. Hero?

Ezio will always have a place in my heart as my favourite vigilante but I have come to an answer for my ramblings last Gamer Tag, and my favourite hero is Link. I’m excited to see what they do with him in Breath of the Wild – I sound calm typing this but I’m actually squealing on the train with all the gameplay footage.

8. Villain?

I have 2 at the moment. So Ganon has always been a favourite of mine, no matter what Legend of Zelda game, his depiction is always perfect – esp in Hyrule Warriors.

And second is Adachi. The guy in P4G is such a dimwit and so fricking frustrating, you can’t help but like his evilness. The fact he manages to stay completely blameless due to his attitude and mannerism. I won’t say much more as this would ruin the game haha.

9. Who is your most hated character from a game?

The postman from Legend of Zelda. I have never met such a pointless person, who always manages to interrupt my game play to deliver me shitty letters.

That being said I could add Navi to the list because all she does is give me a damn headache with her ‘Hey! Listen!’. Never so badly have I wanted to strangle a fictional fairy in my whole damn life.

10. What games, from your anticipated games mentioned in the previous gamer-tag, were you most disappointed in?

Without checking back on my last tag, I wasn’t really impressed with AC Unity and Rogue – rogue for me was an excuse of a game just to make more money from non next gen console players, it was a glorified black flag with a traitorous element from the lead. Now if I had know Syndicate would have been a thing back when I wrote the post I could easily have said I was excited and very pleased about it as a whole. Well except for the fact there was no online for it at all. It could have been and interesting addition to the game. I’m an avid fan of the franchise but the newer games just aren’t hooking me like they should be. But we digress.

The other game I wasn’t really impressed with since last time was Mirror’s Edge 2. I waited years for this sequel ad it just wasn’t mind blowing. I liked the red line help system but then it ruined the fun of finding your way through the games inner workings – the red door and pipe scheme from the first game was enough in my books but what can you do.

11. What game(s) are you looking forward to in the future?

Breath of the Wild by far. We’ve already secured our preorder for the Switch version. The gameplay looks incredible and the fact it isn’t cut for cut same as the previous Zelda games is great in my opinion. It’s a great move forward plus I’m liking the fact that it’s one of the cornerstone switch games – a console I’m so excited to buy when it’s released.

The new and improved Crash Bandicoot release is something I’m excited for. I’ve loved the games every since I could remember and I would love to see what they’ve done with it and just reminisce.

And finally Persona 5 is something I have been ready for. When my brother first told me about it I got so hyped. I’m looking forward to seeing the direction the game takes and the developers take. When it’s released you’ll know when it hits me.

12. What’s your favourite console to play on?

I don’t really have an outright favourite. I love playing the WiiU for its games but also the controller system. But I do also love my PSVita for its handheld capacity and space saving game sizes, and my PS4 because it’s just a good console to play on. I’m not a brand loyal person so I won’t snubb the Xbox consoles at all, if anything it’s interesting to see how they’ve developed since I owned my 360 during those Burnout Paradise days.

13. What consoles are you looking forward too?

Yeah, from my fangirling above you could easily guess my answer is the switch. I have no intentions of buying the upgraded PS4 pro simply because mine is still good and I feel like it would be a waste considering my tv wouldn’t handle the graphics.

14. Have you ever been to a gaming convention?

Nope because I’m always working, however I do watch a lot of footage from conventions and tune into a lot of gaming focused podcasts to catch up with what I could have missed. I do really want to attend a gaming and anime convention soon because I feel like it’s something I should do before I become an old lady only focused on work.

15. What are your gaming predictions for next year – be it next big games, consoles, or conventions?

The switch has the potential to be one of the biggest console upgrades since the release of the wii when it first came out, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 all the moons ago, even to virtual reality devices. The dual aspect of having a handheld console with intense graphics to a standard controller to unit console is massive. Talking with my favourite Game employee, we were both in agreement that this could be major in the gaming world. I also like the idea of being able to play 2 player with one controller due to the dismantling into two mini controllers.
Many of you might be confused as to why this was published twice. I scheduled it and then got he notification that it was posted and realised I hadn’t answered a few questions – yes I know I’m such an idiot haha.

Hope you enjoy this and comment any opinions ^.^

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