‘Who am I and why am I here?’

I thought I would bring this back round to the basics. My blogging life has pretty much been on a standstill since I started my new job – it’s been manic. I’m still in training and every day is a I love my job but I’m scared of messing up. But enough on that.

Whilst reading through the basics of blogging trying to get my mojo back, I stumbled across WordPress’ own ‘Learning the fundamentals of blogging’ course – you would think that owning a blog for the past eight years I would know the fundamentals but I obviously haven’t. So let’s try this and see if I can find that spark I once had.

So who am I? My name is Rachel aka Elizalilysmiles. I am a 20 year old procrastinator and a professional sleeper. I have a fond liking of Asian music and their cultures – I pluralised this because there are so many intricate cultures in the vast continent. But lest we tangent further. I am full of trivial facts about weird thing and yeah. I also really love reading Philosophy and Film (theories and breakdowns of works) books and just general writings around the subjects. They are things I studied at college and although I didn’t continue them further I still have an interest in them. I hate writing about myself because I find it so cringe worthy – No one please hit the archives on this. I know I’m guilty of those random facts about me posts. 2 to be precise. I mean I’d rather you find out about me through reading the things I write rather than me telling you and then you find things that connect to that. I’m making no sense.

I started my first blog 8 years ago on blogger and I was very naive. Like I thought a blog was a place to literally tell strangers about stupid shit I’d done in the day, to which I found out not many people care about you know? Since then I tried to refine my style but found it difficult to pinpoint a specific direction to tailor my blogging to. 2 years ago I decided to move to WordPress. And here we are. Not much has changed, except I no longer write like a moron and I privatised most of my old posts because they were a little embarrassing.

Okay so this is a little jumpy as I’m lost in the brainwaves of what to write but I’ll tell you why am I here. I’m here because I’ve always enjoyed knowing I have a platform to express my opinion on everything. Whether it be my thoughts on a reading, or if I enjoyed a certain anime or manga that was being hyped over by many. Even down to just telling people something amazing you saw or took part in. The possibilities are endless and it’s amazing to be apart of this revolution.

I’m going to end this post now before it becomes overly ramble-y. I will try to blog tomorrow.


Oh. I forgot to add, I got my .blog domain yesterday. I’m so happy and excited its unbelievable. Yeah so that’s all.

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