More Updates

Hi guys, it’s been long overdue with a post but today we will be announcing some big changes and upcoming things to this blog. Also I think it’s fitting to announce this all on my 2 year anniversary with using WordPress as my blogging platform *insanely weird clicky fingers*

Back to the topic at hand, first of all, we would like to apologise a thousand times over for not posting these past few months. It’s the accumulation between the two of us between finding jobs, interviews, going back to university and just having the general motivation once you’ve done everything else to want to post something meaningful.

So basically, after many talks between us, we have decided to completely revamp the site – the colouring, the layout, the visuals, literally everything will be updated. I think it’s time if I’m honest, when I originally started this blog it didn’t really have any direction. It was just a space I would type profuse amounts of bullshit – like everything when I was 13 was what I call a bullshit ice cream. It was sprinkled with treacherous story telling of uninteresting anecdotes, drizzled with pointless information, and the flake was an inexcusable amount of pictures of literally anything. 

Enough of that, but the revamp will also include a series of tester posts. We want to find our creative voice. I mean it’s all well and good doing what’s happening right now, which is dipping our toes in every idea pool and typing what we think works; but the numbers just aren’t adding up. So in order to find and harness what we do best we will be entering into some unknown territories of blogging.

This industry is very hard to stand out – thousands have conquered before and thousands more will continue to do so if you ever choose to call it a day. You have to build yourself up from literally nothing. You have to visually stand out and catch people’s eyes, but you also have to stand out with your words – It’s all well and good having some kushty layout and really awesome visuals, but if your writing is trash and inconsistent then people will just click on someone else’s blog.

We’re looking to find maybe one or two more people to help with contributions on the blog. This will hopefully help with the flow and the frequency of updates – I mean out of a team of 3 or 4 people, someone is bound to have something interesting to write. We’re also looking for someone to help with the visuals and the final editing of the posts. Whenever I find myself writing a post, I’m always pumped like ‘yes, this is fucking incredible.’ But after walking away for an hour and coming back to reread what I’ve got so far I’m disappointed with the standard. So I feel having someone to just check over everything will allow us to organise everything before posting and feeling underwhelmed with the outcome.

That’s all on updates from the blog front, and life updates can wait for another day, you know, just to build the tension – I’m chatting shit, you’re all probably looking at the screen, if you lasted this far, like she needs to just stop talking.

But I will end it here, simply because I promised myself I’d get some editing done. *disappears*

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