Super short note

I’m currently at work and I’m taking this opportunity to announce we have a new author helping on this blog. My wonderful friend Arianna from today onwards will be a co-author with me on ElizaLilySmiles. This was an exceptionally easy decision to make, simply because she is an interesting writer and could tell you anything and everything about the ample books she reads – plots down to a tee

As we all know, I sometimes lose motivation for posts and disappear for months but this will all change. I haven’t posted for a while because a lot of thing were happening at once and I felt a bit low and didn’t want every post to be down and depressing.
I’m trying to open up this blog to be more than just a personal venting space. I want it to be a place people can be entertained, find advice and just enjoy what they read.

Hopefully I’m looking for 1 or 2 people to take on roles for this blog and we can get everything into shape. I will be posting very soon, so look forward to that. 

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