I am in the process of writing up a post with some music tag questions and film ones too, I just have to actually write the answers down – the cute ass planning board I have with all the questions on is beyond my usual limitations of creativity, but I thought I would put in atleast an ounce of effort towards something.

I’m also considering starting a small section to discuss recent anime series I have been indulging in – the first half for 2016 for me have been incredible. Watching the final episode of Kiznaiver this morning gave me this idea because it was such a well thought out series plus the intro was so good. This will probably go up after the two tag question posts, so in about 2 weeks.

Something that has been taking up a lot of my time in the past few weeks is my new job – it’s still bar work but new place and new people means I have to adjust to them, their humour and the venue itself. But beyond that I’m really enjoying it.

So yeah updates will come really soon. I’m hoping the schedule will go something like this:

– Music tag questions : posted tomorrow
– Film tag questions : posted by next Sunday
– 1st half of 2016 Anime breakdown : posted by Thursday the week after.

I make no promises on keeping up with this schedule but I’ll make a valiant effort to do so.

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