I can never quite get my timing right.

(I’d suggest listening to this whilst reading the post, it’s my mellow music. Dumfoundead really calms me down and gets my head in the right space to focus – or gets me in the mood to pretend I can rap and gets me slightly distracted because I use my pen as a mic and this caption has become was too long and awkward to stop. Shit.)

I could say better late than never on this attempt to do a New Years blog post – although admittedly I did say that it may be late, I didn’t expect it to be this late. I’m rambling and I’m sure that sentence doesn’t make sense, but I’m finally doing this so let’s get it done. (I’m was listening to SNK’s first opening in an attempt to get myself pumped for typing. But it didn’t quite work out and I started watching anime – this is like attempt 2.)

After reading my year in blogging, I have decided that I need to focus on my blogging more. 15 posts in one year is, mind my language, shit to be honest. Because if we think about it, out of 365 days I could either blog short posts every day, or even skipping some days maybe because of work, blog at least 200 times. But I didn’t, and now I’m left looking like I don’t care, but I do I swear.

Now I’m not into the whole ‘Hi guys, these are my New Years resolutions that I’m probably not going to stick to’. I have some goals I want to achieve. Some are major goals, some are small things, and some are just there because I want them to be. Before I let you know some of my goals I want to let you know some of the things I’m very appreciative of.

I’m thankful of the support I received from my friends and family with my decision to do a home OU Maths degree. If any of you know me in person or even from my early days of blogging, you would know that I was never big on the idea of paying for an ‘experience’ and so I wasn’t keen on the idea of university.

I’m thankful for my managers at work and my close friends for getting me through some dark times a few months ago, without you guys I don’t know what I would have done. (I’m gonna stop with this sappy stuff before I sit here welling up.)

So this year is basically the year of new things. Not new like crazy shit new, but it’s about me doing things to make me happy rather than adhering to everybody else. If that makes any sense at all (It’s almost 5am so apologies if this is slightly confusing). I do spend a lot of time making sure everybody else is happy before myself, I let people get away with things that honestly hurt me a lot, but if I get to see them smile another day then so be it. However after last year’s events I have decided to scrap that and focus more on my own well-being. So here goes nothing my goals:

  • Read at least 30 books this year (I’ve accumulated way too many books that I haven’t even touched yet)
  • Stay motivated whilst studying my course, but also whilst blogging
  • Which leads me to want to blog at least 100 times this year or more!
  • Try and meditate once a day for about 10 minutes to keep myself composed (Stress caused me a lot of health issues in the past and I’d much prefer not to have a repeat of my Bell’s Palsy. If you shook me I would have rattled with the amount of pills I had. Rambling)
  • Acc get round to decorating my room (I’ve lived in this house for 4 years and more room is the same, with what looks like bullet holes in the wall)
  • Get my first tattoo finally. For someone who loves tattoos I have held off on getting one for too long now so it’s time to mark the skin ^.^
  • In order to motivate my cousin and myself, I’m going to start a connected blog to this one about fitness and everything. I feel if we attack this battle together it’ll be easier than if we did it alone.

I don’t really have much else to say – I did sit here for like an hour just staring at the keyboard. I think I have mastered the skill of sleeping with my eyes open. Hope you all enjoy this post and thank you al my new followers from the past few days. It means so much to me honestly.

*Throws Namu hearts to you all* Peace out guys


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