I can never quite get my timing right.

(I’d suggest listening to this whilst reading the post, it’s my mellow music. Dumfoundead really calms me down and gets my head in the right space to focus – or gets me in the mood to pretend I can rap and gets me slightly distracted because I use my pen as a mic and this caption has become was too long and awkward to stop. Shit.)

I could say better late than never on this attempt to do a New Years blog post – although admittedly I did say that it may be late, I didn’t expect it to be this late. I’m rambling and I’m sure that sentence doesn’t make sense, but I’m finally doing this so let’s get it done. (I’m was listening to SNK’s first opening in an attempt to get myself pumped for typing. But it didn’t quite work out and I started watching anime – this is like attempt 2.)

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