Merry Christmas one and all …


즐거운 크리스마스 되세요!

As always, I’m late with doing things – baring in mind I have done pretty much nothing all day and have had ample opportunity to post a blog, but I didn’t. Why, you probably weren’t asking? No real reason. I haven’t blogged since my failed attempt at NaBloPoMo because I didn’t really have any motivation. Endless hours spent staring at blank post templates hoping somehow they will write themselves; copious amounts of drafts saved with minimal effort put in to ever finishing them.

There isn’t really much to update you all on. If I wasn’t working, commuting to work, or listening to music, I was sleeping. Didn’t really eat much because of certain personal things made me lose my appetite – which I know isn’t healthy or smart but it couldn’t be helped. I won’t go into what’s been bothering me because it’s all stupid things that could have been avoided; and some people who will read this may know the person and play devil’s advocate and start stirring things (not that I’m accusing anyone but it’s one headache I don’t need).

Moving onto ‘merrier’ thoughts, my Christmas was a slight roller-coaster. The festivities started on Christmas Eve, heading over to a family friend’s house we indulged in smoked trout, crayfish and assorted meat blinis with a side of prosecco and chambord. Needless to say I am the blinis queen – took a while to make them but in the end I did outdo myself *hair flips* I was gifted a book set, a tin of sweets, my own personalised shot glass and a tin of unicorn meat (it isn’t as morbid as it seem – well it is. A dismembered stuff unicorn toy stuff into a spam like tin with all the nutritional values on the side. An excellent source of sparkles).

On to Christmas Day, I was woken up at some unearthly hour of 7.20am to open presents with my brother; the poor sod had work from 10 till 5pm and didn’t want to miss out on opening gifts. Now I know some of you think 7.20am isn’t early but come on, I only wake up at that time on Thursdays for day work and even then I don’t need to be fully functioning till about 11am. But we opened gifts and I was extremely happy with the haul I made – anime coming out of my ears and a Jake the dog bag are just some of my gifts. Who says I need to grow up. I won’t list all my gifts because what’s the point, it’s not about the quantity and quality of the gifts, it’s about the thought that went into the choosing the perfect gift – although I will gloat that my mum’s friend gave me a tiny Moschino perfume which smells so damn good.

Some of my highlights of Christmas have to be:

  • The delicious food my mum and aunty spent hours preparing – good job ladies *thumbs up*
  • Spending time with everyone together – even though my family have a tendency of showing up and not leaving, for hours, and hours …
  • Watching my pregnant cousin tear up with joy at her gift from all of us – spa day at a place which have specialist treatments for pregnant ladies – I will also add my contribution came that morning and from my parents, because I am broke from present shopping.
  • Boxing Day dominos games. Scores were settled.
  • Cheesecake. That is all.

The basis of this post is to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and if I don’t make a post by new years, is to wish you a Happy and fruitful New Year.

(I hate the fact that WordPress has a word count at the bottom of the page that has let me know that if this was an essay for college, I wouldn’t even be half way through. Tis life. I’ll leave you a lil something underneath, one of my favourite Christmas themed songs. Have good days folks.)

EXO – Christmas Day

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