NaBloPoMo Post 1 – I’m late with this again

I spent the last 2 weeks of October psyching myself up to do this. To end this hiatus and actually use my brain for something other than moping around and feeling sorry for myself.

Unlike last year, I am going to attempt the whole month. Even if it means double updating in one day to make sure I can do 30 posts (saying this is realise I’ll have to write 2 more just to catch up today … shit).

I’m it even sure what I could say for 30 posts. Nothing interesting has really happened.

However, we need to think positively so right now, once this is posted, I’m going to write down 29 things to write about and pop them in a container and each day pick one out to blog about. It’s going to be exciting, I hope. So here’s to NaBloPoMo *raises arms and claps enthusiastically* See you on the next post