The new year is soon upon us …

Do you ever just sit there and wish for a do-over? I want a do-over. I want one right now in fact. I want to write down everything that went wrong and go back to the start of this year and make everything better. But that isn’t going to happen. So we have to just keep an open mind for the new year (well not to open because that’s when we become complacent. And when that happens I always, without a doubt, end up broke).

Unlike many new year’s posts you’ll ready, I’m not going to list all the good things, all the bad things, and then a whole bunch of resolutions I probably won’t stick too because life happens. I’m just going to say, if the same shit happens next year that happened this year, I’m fucking screwed, I’ll need counselling, and I will probably become an insane hermit, reading to pass my days.

So to end this post before I ramble on about the things I specifically said I wouldn’t, I’m going to post some pictures of the year because why not ^.^

Hope anyone who reads this mediocre blog has a very fruitful and amazing new year, and hope we can share many more pointless posts like this in the future.

2014-08-17 14.15.49
Upon Mount Caerphilly is where I lay my head
2014-08-19 08.16.03
I never knew snapchat would let me take such clear photos
2014-07-15 17.18.54
Lake at UEA Norwich. Mellow times.
Attempting to get healthy. These green smoothies take their toll on the body.

His name is Luffy. He is a cat.
2014-12-30 11.55.50
Really do love this girl. It’s very cheesy to say but she is my sister.
2014-08-17 16.23.11
The sea at Swansea.
2014-04-04 21.27.09
Birthday Alcohol.
2014-03-08 18.58.39
Pomegranate Soju.
2014-04-07 08.32.02
These fools.

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